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Kuan You Wai

Mr Kuan You Wai is a specialist contractor in building repair and rectification for the past 21 years. His intuition in trouble-shooting and urge to go extra miles in search for causes and solutions particularly in leakage, leak detection, concrete repair and protection has led him to develop holistic insight into building pathology in the buildings in Malaysia. His expertise has been recognized and he has been appointed as an instructor in Inter-floor Leakage by the Tribunal of Home Buyer Claim and Strata Management, various Commissioners of Buildings, University of Malaya and a number of professional bodies. Additionally, he also writes regularly as an industry expert in building leakage, indoor mold, concrete repair and protection (EN1504), building pathology, defect management and building resiliency to numerous industrial bulletins, journals, magazines and newspapers. To-date, his credentials have enabled him to become a building forensic expert and expert witness in courts or tribunals.

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