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PropNex, the largest listed property agency in Singapore collaborates with PropertyGuru in Malaysia


From Left to Right: Sean Liew – Director Agent & Developer Sales, PropertyGuru Malaysia ( and, Shylendra Nathan – Country Manager, PropertyGuru Malaysia ( and, Mr. Marcus Teng (CEO of PropNex Malaysia) and Mr. Lim Yong Hock (KEO of PropNex Singapore)

KUALA LUMPUR, 11 February  –  One of the largest listed property agencies in Singapore is here in Malaysia represented by PropNex Singapore and Malaysia for a Memorandum of Understanding together with PropertyGuru Malaysia ( and].  In this MOU signing, we have Mr. Marcus Teng – CEO of PropNex Malaysia, Mr. Lim Yong Hock – KEO of PropNex Singapore, Mr. Shylendra Nathan – Country Manager, PropertyGuru Malaysia ( and and Mr. Sean Liew – Director Agent & Developer Sales, PropertyGuru Malaysia ( and

With this recent merger of and, both platforms now connect to the largest base of high intent property seeking audiences in Malaysia. PropertyGuru Malaysia has taken a leap on this collaboration with PropNex group and both sides foresee it will take the industry to new heights and success in the coming future.

In conjunction with the MOU, Lim also revealed the success roadmap of being a millionaire in the real estate industry and PropNex wishes to bring another wave in achieving success in 2022 to all Malaysians especially in the real estate industry.

Lim, KEO of PropNex Singapore was in town to share his life experiences and his tried and tested ways to a full house seminar recently held at Menara Ken. Lim is also a famous author fof the book titled “The 99 How-to’s in Real Estate Sales”. He was the speaker on the topic ’The Simple Steps to Your Million Dollar Dreams’, a seminar in collaboration between PropertyGuru Malaysia and PropNex Malaysia. 

PropNex Malaysia is a real estate agency with a stronghold team of over 800 agents covering both West and East Malaysia. Their home offices are in Petaling Jaya, with branches in KLCC, Cheras, Johor Bahru and Kota Kinabalu.

CEO of PropNex Malaysia Marcus Teng reiterated that he sees the opportunity in having Mr. Lim Yong Hock share his skills and experiences to their team and clients in Malaysia, and believes that the Malaysia real estate market has ample growth opportunities because as of year ending 2021, it had an estimated total sales turnover of RM62.5mil., subsales GDV 1.4bil. and project sales 1.2bil. 

“These are where the opportunities lie for the younger generations to learn and reap the benefits. Learning the ropes and setting a mission and rewriting it on their own journey as a path to success both in their career and personal life”, says Teng.

In life, he sees being a millionaire is not out of reach as he himself has walked down the road to creating his own millions. The road of ‘Million Dollar Dreams’ is definitely achievable through clear and precise methods and having financial literacy. This is more so, for those that are already immersing themselves in the real estate industry as it is one of the main key pillars.  

During the seminar, Lim imparted his knowledge through a fun and interesting manner using the methods that have indeed created many millionaires in Singapore, through the analogy of the famous game and also through sharing of his life experiences.

Speaking to an audience mainly consisting of agents in the industry, he stated that pursuing money is the main end goal for everyone. But to build your own legacy for your families and the future generations is to understand the meaning of money, the purpose, and what it entails in your job is where it will bring you to your goal.

Knowing what is your role and your added value will bring you to the by-product of achieving your million-dollar dreams. In real estate it is about “how you help your customers to get what they want, and your customers will help you to get what you want” – states Lim.

Lim states that if you want to achieve big things, ask yourself ‘How do I do better tomorrow? Be obsessive and take massive action. Constantly driving for change, accepting challenges as it is, as through challenges that one can achieve their dreams. Along the way, it is the journey and the process that creates the moments bringing you to love and happiness.

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