5 daggy design trends making a comeback

There’s nothing like a trip to grandma’s house to give you insight into the design trends that dominated the ’80s and ’90s.

What might surprise you is that grandma and grandpa are back in vogue. You heard it here first; some of the big interior looks of decades gone by are making a comeback – and they’re being executed in new and interesting ways.

So before you write off your grandparents as totally outta-the-loop, let’s explore some of the most outdated trends that are set to be big once more (and how you can pull them off at home without them looking daggy).

1. Cork

Cork flooring was huge a few decades ago, and while it might not be back on-trend just yet, the cork feature wall certainly is.

Many of us grew up with a corkboard in our bedroom. Some of you might still have some in your kitchen or workspace. But they’re babies compared to what the new trend is; cork en masse!

Covering an entire wall in cork – especially in an office – gives you a wall you can truly make your own; pinning all sorts of imagery, fabrics and mementos onto it.

You’ve gotta give this one a go.

A whole wall covered in cork is the perfect backdrop for your photos, inspirations and mementos. Image: Pinterest

2. Floral wallpaper

Some of you are shrieking in horror at the mere thought of floral wallpaper, but it truly is back and it looks amazing.

The new way to display floral wallpaper is to look for less soft, feminine options, and veer toward more abstract, striking and even geometric versions. Varieties that don’t necessarily look like flowers on first viewing is what you want to go for.

Wallpapering just one wall is fine if you don’t have the confidence to cover the entire room.

The new way to display floral wallpaper is to make it bold. Picture: Home Edit

3. Rattan

An entire set of rattan furniture in a living room is giving me an anxiety-inducing flashback too, don’t worry. The good news is that rattan is indeed back, but it’s being introduced into a space as a feature rather than in every piece of furniture in the room.

A rattan armchair or two-seater is a great idea in a room with other wooden and fabric furniture in it. Think a home office, kids’ room, large hallway or entryway. It makes a statement all on its own and is at its best when used sparingly.

Rattan sprayed in black and white seems to be on the rise, too, which means all thoughts of the natural rattan your grandparents had can be abandoned.

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A rattan armchair complements a room with other wooden and fabric furniture in it. Picture: Ikea

4. Wood panelling

Nothing says ‘lodge of the ’80s’ like tonnes and tonnes of wood panelling. It’s certainly garish now, and any designer or decorator who has to work with it usually sprays it white the first chance they get.

The good news is that wood panelling on walls is back in a huge way. It adds interest and texture to a space, is easy to apply, and works with a variety of interior design styles.

Coastal homes, industrial spaces, Scandi rooms, and even contemporary bungalows all suit wood panelling perfectly. It’s even coming through in a variety of colours – so pick your fave shade and go wild.

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Wood panelling on walls adds interest and texture to a space. Picture: lulik.net

5. Coloured marble

White marble landed a few years back and we all lost our minds over it. While it’s still popular, coloured marble – especially deep blue and green tones – is becoming more prominent.

It’s going well beyond smaller homewares, too. Large-scale coloured marble in bathrooms is on the rise, so expect this trend to continue to pop up for a few years to come.

Of course, if you don’t want to execute coloured marble in such a permanent way, coloured marble coffee and side tables are popping up all over the place now. Grab one and rock the trend on a less intrusive scale.

White marble is still popular – but coloured marble is catching up. Picture: freshhome.com

This article was originally published as 5 daggy design trends making a comeback by www.realestate.com.au and is written by Chris Carroll.