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Understanding "Free Legal Fees" in Malaysia: Dispelling Myths and Revealing Facts!

The offer of free legal fees may not cover disbursements such as stamp duties, search fees, registration fees, printing charges, purchase of documents costs, etc, and the purchaser will have to pay for them.

21 Feb 2024

CTOS Report: 18 Essential Facts to Know Before Buying a House in Malaysia

The CTOS report provides a valuable indicator of your credit score for financial institutions when applying for a home loan. Discover 18 facts about CTOS to enhance your chances of securing home loans in Malaysia!

31 Jan 2024

CCRIS: How to Check Your Credit Score When Applying for a Home Loan in Malaysia?

CCRIS, established by Bank Negara Malaysia's (BNM) Credit Bureau, offers standardized credit reports and information on potential borrowers.

29 Jan 2024

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