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This is your ultimate list of Malaysian kitchen designs and layouts


Find the perfect kitchen design and layout for your home from this list of styles, colours, and themes. From types of kitchen cabinet design to have at home to deciding on what kitchen island to install, take inspiration from these ideas.

The kitchen is the centre of every home, so a lot of thought needs to go into designing or remodelling the space. There are many different types of layout and design for a kitchen and these kitchen layout plans will have a huge impact on how the room looks and works. Check out these local kitchens and save the ones that suit your space and make your dream kitchen a reality today!

1. All white kitchen

All white kitchen with white cabinet and island
Project: Modern Classic Bungalow At Setia Alam, Selangor

This functional peninsula kitchen designed to look timeless and clean. The white cabinetry (or known as cabinet dapur in Malay) paired with dark grey tones and marble countertops gives this room design a clean and classic finish.

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2. Blackout

monochrome kitchen design in an apartment
DOUBLE ART DESIGN STUDIO Project: Captivating Chic

For something more dark and broody, check out how this kitchen paired black kitchen island design with sleek cabinetry.

3. White and blue

White kitchen with an island and a blue backsplash
Project: Taman Selesa – Semi-D

This simple kitchen design with a white and blue combo gives this kitchen a modern upgrade without all the frills.

4. Simple kitchen cabinet design for small kitchen

Modern kitchen with white and wooden theme, complete with microwave and washing machine
Project: Dwiputra Residence

Classy and compact are the two words that describe this minimalist modern home design. Check out how the geometric tile backsplash upgrades the look of the room design. The built-in hob and hood of the kitchen is elegantly designed without taking too much of the space.  

5. Go bold with modern kitchen design

Black and bold kitchen design with hanging pendant lights

This contemporary kitchen design takes on dark and bold tones that bring impact to this space. Opt for a neutral kitchen background colour like white to make the space pop. You can also opt for a pink marble background to soften the tone. 

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6. L-shaped kitchen cabinets

All white kitchen design with a pantry cabinet and a white refrigerator
Project: Eco Spring Residences

White can be anything but boring when you incorporate patterns, details, and textures.

7. Colour your cabinet

Small kitchen with subway tiles and gray cabinetry
Project: The Holmes 2

When white is too plain for you, retain the subway tile backsplash but opt for coloured cabinetry options in this L-shaped/peninsula kitchen

8. Install pendant lights

Modern kitchen with marble island and pendant lights
Project: Saujana Duta, Double Storey Bungalow

classic contemporary room like in this home features sleek countertops, signature pendant light fixtures, and pristine white cabinet design. If you have an open kitchen design or open floor plan layout, definitely opt for this design to make the space look airier. 

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9. Back to retro

retro kitchen design with wooden cabinetry
Project: Henry G Home

This kitchen took on a retro vintage theme after the 40-year-old space was refurbished. Who says a remodel needs to be modern? Shop vintage furniture at your nearest second-hand furniture shops to complete the look. 

10. Blue clue

Small kitchen design with light blue-coloured theme
Project: Setia Eco Park

Who knew baby blue would make such a big statement in your kitchen? We love how this hue immediately upgraded the room, making it airy and spacious. This kitchen layout design is best for those who have a separate wet and dry kitchen

11. Minimalist kitchen interior design

minimalist kitchen design with wooden kitchen cabinet
Project: Modern Oriental

This design is designed with an Asian theme in mind with minimalist style and clean finishes. 

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12. Industrial design

contemporary kitchen design with open shelves and an island
Project: Rencana Royale

This studio unit gave their kitchen an overhaul with this industrial-themed design. We love the exposed shelves, gold beams, and compact countertops that display the pots and pans elegantly. However, this kitchen design doesn’t suit all types of house, especially if the space is cramped. Take a look at your house floor plan design and decide on a theme or design layout that will make your home feel welcoming before going for this. 

13. Black and silver

modern kitchen with black and silver theme.
Project: Modern Tropical And Luxury

Black and silver are a match made in heaven. Check out how this house design opted for black cabinetry with silver kitchen fixtures.

14. Wet and dry kitchen ideas

Modern home with partition separating wet and dry kitchen
Project: Quatro Homes For Lowyat Group

For homes with enough space for wet and dry kitchens, try opting for a see-through partition like in this space.

15. Clean lines

white minimalist kitchen with clean lines and pendant lights
Project: Taman Adda Height

Clean lines, simple design, and a glossy white finish make this kitchen a modern design and sleek look.

16. Wall to wall

small kitchen in an apartment with greyish blue design
Project: Sentral Suites Type B

Who says one wall kitchens can’t look nice? The blue cabinetry design gives this small kitchen a modern look.

17. English style kitchen

Kitchen with open plan design and a marble countertop
Project: Scandinavian Bungalow | When Simplicity Matters

minimalist and classic kitchen like this leaves room for personalised kitchen decorations and bold fixtures.

18. Industrial kitchen design for small space

industrial design kitchen with stainless steel kitchen top and cabinet
Project: Foreston Bukit Puchong

If you’re a chef with a tiny kitchen, try this industrial themed kitchen on for size.

19. Monochrome

monochrome kitchen design with a brick feature wall
Project: Modern Loft Style

This single wall kitchen took on a simple yet classy finish, deciding on a black and white colour palette.

20. Monotone colour

black and white themed kitchen in a small apartment.
Project: Tropicana Avenue

Here’s another kitchen that opted for monotone hues without looking drab.

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21. Modern kitchen

modern kitchen with all white cabinet and monochrome island
Project: Captivating Chic

This captivating kitchen looks like it belongs in a showroom!

22. Compact-sized

l-shaped kitchen design in a small apartment
Project: 100 Residency Type B Show Unit For Kerjaya Prospek Group

Compact and contemporary perfectly describe this small space with stainless steel appliances. 

23. Go Scandi

open kitchen design with white theme and a vase of flowers on the table
Project: Scandinavian Bungalow | When Simplicity Matters

For a more Scandinavian style kitchen, take inspiration from this charming space.

24. Yellow mellow

contemporary kitchen design with yellow coloured kitchen cabinet
Project: Modern Classic Design

The yellow in this room immediately brightens up the space, making meal prep less boring.

25. Small apartment kitchen ideas

compact kitchen that comes with a pull out table
Project: HighPark Suites

This kitchen proves that you can achieve big dreams in a small space.

26. Rustic beauty

rustic kitchen design with wooden cabinet and table
Project: Altitude

Taking on a modern and rustic theme, this room is nothing short of being visually stunning.

27. Timeless style

kitchen with black cabinet design and wooden table top
Project: Amour

Another black and white kitchen yet with a classic design. This just proves that you can never go wrong with timeless elements.

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28. Kitchen and office layout plan

kitchen island that doubled as a food preparation space and an office desk

Project: Windows On The Park Condo

No dining room? Don’t worry, a contemporary kitchen with modern touch features pull-out cooking table and storage options will do just fine. It makes food preparation much easier too!

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29. Bring the outside in

kitchen with a door that opens to the outdoor area
Project: Scenaria Residence Townhouse

The lush nature outdoors adds subtle pops of colour to the grayscale palette in the room. Though the kitchen dimension is small, the glass door to the backyard helps create a sense of space in this small cooking area. 

30. Small kitchen cabinets

all blue kitchen design with island and high chairs
Moonlit Inspiration
Project: Twin Palms

It looks like classic kitchen cabinets are making a comeback. We’ve all seen these wall cabinet designs back in the day.

31. White and wood

l shape kitchen design with wooden backsplash and stainless steel refrigerator
Box Design Studio
Project: Villa Heights Equine Park

Marrying white and wood cabinets never looked so good! This contemporary kitchen looks trendy and spacious.

32. Japanese themed

open kitchen design that is seperated by a wooden partition
Matt Design Sdn Bhd
Project: Verdi Condominium Cyberjaya

This interior designer curated a Japanese themed space but made sure to create a separation between the kitchen and living room with partitions and a platform.

33. In crease storage in this galley kitchen design

small kitchen with hanging cabinet above the kitchen island
Space Line Interior Design
Project: Eco Spring Bradford Residence

Make a small kitchen work by increasing your storage space and design built-in cabinets for your electrical goods. Since the area is small, make sure the kitchen island dimension is kept to a minimum as well to avoid cluttering the floor plan.

34. Keep it airy

Kitchen and dining room with a kitchen island in the middle
Young Concept Design Sdn Bhd
Project: Bayu Damansara

We absolutely love how this kitchen is white, bright, and airy! The garden view is an added bonus. Keep the kitchen floor tile to a minimum to complement the space.

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35. Light and dark

wide kitchen design with stainless steel refrigerator and wooden cabinet
Spazehaus Sdn Bhd
Project: Bandar Dato Onn Semi D

If you cant choose between bright or dark cabinets, you can always opt to have them both. This colour scheme is best suited for any standard kitchen room design.

36. Black countertop 

small kitchen design with see-through cabinets and a black table top
Cube Asia Design PLT
Project: Parklane OUG

Take cues from this home designer’s take on this classic pairing of black countertops with white cabinetry for a timeless and classy look.

37. Go for two kitchen islands

elegant kitchen with white kitchen cabinet, a black refrigerator and a quartz countertop
Alvinterior Concept
Project: Elegant Simplicity

If you have the space and the budget, why stop at one kitchen island when you can have two? Before you decide on this, consult with an interior designer or use an interior design software or app to lay out the house plan.

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