These mini Malaysian kitchens are so stylish, it’s easy to forget their size

Small kitchens are charming but it can be tricky attempting to curate a space that is trendy and functional. This is especially the case when you only have a nook to work with, lucky for you, we’re here to help.

In these images, Malaysian interior designers show just how you can have the kitchen of your dreams with the limited square feet you have.

Minimalist, modern, and functional are the top three ways to describe this condominium’s kitchen. The peninsula style layout helps ease manoeuvring while marking a clear area for the kitchen, setting it apart from the open layout living room.

Galley kitchens are a great space-saving option as its made up of two parallel counters that make tools and appliances easily accessible for cooking. Plus points include less square feet to clean!

If you think galley kitchens make manoeuvring difficult, just look at the space this narrow kitchen provides. We also love the combination of white and wood for the cabinets.

This contemporary dining room and small kitchen are gorgeous and functional. We love how the interior designer opted for metallic fixtures to give the illusion of space in this studio unit.

Only have one wall to use as your kitchen? This single wall layout is perfect for homeowners who don’t have space but want to have a fully functional kitchen.

You wouldn’t believe how small this kitchen is but what it lacks in size, it makes up for in character. Check out the entire project and see how they used minimal space to create a cosy home.

Ideal for homes that have more than one cook, this U-shaped kitchen allows for brisk Movement between sections. It also has ample prepping and cooking space.

Just because you have a compact space doesn’t mean you have to forgo a functional kitchen. See how this 600-sq. ft. unit made way for a kitchen, dining space, living room, and bedroom.

This minimalistic kitchen provides homeowners will all the necessities they need to whip up a hearty meal and make cleaning up a breeze!

You can incorporate a single wall kitchen into your space even if you have corners! Check out how these interior designers customised the cabinets to fit the indentation in the wall. This way not only do they get more counter space, but you also make use of every square inch.

An L-shaped sectional kitchen like this one is perfect for units that want to section off the kitchen from the rest of the living space. It makes for an efficient and effective workspace.

Featuring a contemporary and rustic theme, this small kitchen and dining area made use of every inch. Since the interior designers wanted to prioritise a full dining table, they opted for a single wall kitchen that houses all the necessities.

We love this mini kitchen that opted for open shelving to give the illusion of space.

Rustic, trendy, and practical, this small kitchen makes use of the limited space by making sure they incorporate dedicated spaces for all their essentials.

Compact and functional, this Scandinavian themed kitchen features a single wall cooking space with an elongated kitchen island to make meal prep easier.

This article was originally published as These Mini Malaysian Kitchens are so Stylish, it’s Easy to Forget Their Size by written by Lydia Lohshini