How to make an entrance (literally)


Your quintessential foyer furniture, mirrors are for last-minute hair, makeup, and wardrobe checks. Installing a mirror in your entryway will ensure that you’re world-ready before heading out.

It also gives the illusion that your foyer is bigger than it is. Full-length mirrors are great for apartments or condominiums with small entryways – the bigger the mirror, the more spacious it looks.

PS: They’re also great for those #OOTD selfies!

2. Hang in there

Add a coat hanger or wall hooks to your foyer, especially if floor space is sparse in your space. This is the best way to keep your coats, bags, and umbrellas organised instead of leaving them by the door or hanging them over chairs. More so when you have guests over, it’s a simple feature for preventing more unnecessary clutter.

3. Contain it

We have the tendency to pile things up in corners or on vacant surfaces. Adding baskets or bowls to your entryway will help contain your bric-a-brac.

Baskets can help hold sports gear, shoes and pet accessories. Bowls are a great addition if you need a space to keep your keys, sunglasses or small item’s you may need before heading out.

4. Countertop of the world

Vintage style console table in a classic room

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A table or a console table is a foyer essential. You’re going to need a space to stash things or things you’re often inclined to drop at the doorstep when you enter the home. These include your mail, the bags that you’re carrying, and keys. If you don’t have floor space, install wall shelves instead.

5. Throne of honour

If you have room, add seating. Use it to put on shoes or wait on your housemate who’s trying on the 112th outfit. For large foyers, an ottoman or a long bench would sit perfectly by the door. If space is a  premium, a stool or a shelf that doubles as a stool are a great option.

6. Light it up

The entryway to your home should be well lit, as it’ll help you manoeuvre your way in and out of your space, especially when you’re entering a dark home. Bulbs with a soft warm glow are a welcoming sight to any home. But also take this opportunity to make a style statement with a unique light fixture.

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