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What is a Semi-D house and should you buy one?


In the Malaysian residential property market, you will sometimes hear the term semi-D houses. So what exactly is a semi-D house? While it sounds slightly intricate, it really is just an abbreviation for “semi-detached”.

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What is a Semi-D house?

As its name implies, a semi-detached house is partly detached from neighbouring units. In other words, the house is only attached to a unit on one side, sharing a common wall with the unit it is attached to. In most developments, two semi-D units attached to one another are mirror images of each other. On the “detached” side, there is typically a strip of land between the house and the perimeter fencing or wall. This feature of a semi-D house design means you can walk from the front to the back portion without having to enter the house.

Traditionally, the term semi-D was used when referring to a landed property with individual titles. Still, in recent years, developers have come up with terms such as semi-D cluster, semi-D condo and even semi-D in the sky.

A semi-D cluster refers to a semi-detached house located within a gated and guarded community. This type of property is known as a cluster house and usually comes with a strata title. A semi-D condo or semi-D in the sky is a marketing term for condo units that are attached to another unit only on one side, either because there are fewer units on one floor or because of the unique layout design which provides more privacy to its occupants.

What is the difference between a Semi-D house and a terrace house?

A semi-D shares a common wall with a neighbouring unit only on one side while a terrace house is sandwiched between two units. The only exception to this is the corner lots of terrace houses, which are technically also semi-detached.

In Malaysia, semi-detached houses tend to be slightly bigger than terrace houses. Semi-detached houses also typically have a larger outdoor or garden area because of the land on the unattached side of the unit.

What is the difference between a Semi-D house and a detached house?

A detached house refers to a unit that stands on its own within its own compound and is not attached in any way to the neighbouring unit. In Malaysia, it is also commonly known as a bungalow. You can walk around the perimeter of a detached house without having to enter the house, as shown below.

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What are the advantages of staying in a Semi-D house?

One of the biggest advantages of staying in a semi-D house is that you have a bigger outdoor area. This would be attractive to homeowners who enjoy gardening or having that extra outdoor space for an alfresco lounging area. With a wider land area, it is also more likely that owners of semi-D houses can park an extra car or two outside of their unit.

According to Senior Real Estate Negotiator Cruz Looi from Kith & Kin Realty, semi-D houses are better suited for families with children and offer more privacy than a terrace house. Besides that, a semi-D unit is only connected to another unit on one side, so you at least have a buffer on the other side. If you have noisy neighbours, you will only have to deal with noise on one side of your house.

Cruz Looi
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What are the disadvantages of staying in a Semi-D house?

Cruz said that one of the main disadvantages is that renovations can be tricky because you will have to consult with your neighbour if you want to renovate or extend your house. You will also have to spend more on maintenance due to the larger land area.

Is a semi-detached house a good investment?

“Semi-D houses in the Klang Valley are not a very good investment if you are looking for rental returns because the rental yield is typically low, where they hover around 3%,” said Cruz.

However, he said that this type of home is a good investment in the medium or long term due to the scarcity of land and there is an increasing demand for this type of landed property.

Buyers and renters of semi-D houses tend to be families with children. “We see more expatriates renting semi-D houses in suburban areas while more local families would rent semi-D houses in the outskirts,” he said.

Therefore, buying a unit would be a good investment in the long run if you are looking at a semi-D house for your family or to upgrade your current home.

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List of Semi-D for sale in KL

You will be able to find different options for semi-detached houses within the Klang Valley at different price points.  Below are some of those available in Kuala Lumpur.

Alam Sutera (Bukit Jalil)

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Located near the Pavilion Bukit Jalil shopping mall, there are 2-storey semi-detached houses with a built-up area of more than 3,000 sq feet available for below RM2mil.

Taman Maluri (Cheras)

Semi-D houses in this matured township go from RM1.45mil for an older unit to RM2mil for newer ones. Taman Maluri is served by the Sunway Velocity Mall, AEON Taman Maluri and IKEA (Cheras).

Kiara View (Desa Seri Hartamas)

Expect higher prices for property in this upmarket area. There are bigger semi-D units with a built-up of 4,000 sq feet going for RM4mil while smaller units of 3,800 sq ft going for RM2.7mil.

Taman Bukit Segar (Cheras)

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Mostly priced above RM2mil, the semi-D units in this area have a larger built-up area, mostly above 4,000 sq feet. This lively neighbourhood has a vibrant commercial centre in Jalan Manis, offering residents a variety of conveniences and local eateries.

Serai @ Bukit Segambut

Priced above RM3mil, these luxurious three-storey semi-D units with a modern design have a generous built-up of 4,000 sq ft. The Serai is an exclusive gated and guarded development and is located nearby amenities such as Solaris Mont Kiara, Solaris Dutamas and Hartamas Shopping Centre.

Mont Kiara

Many property seekers might associate Mont Kiara with high-rise properties, but there are several semi-d offerings in this popular urban neighbourhood too –  Units in this sought-after residential area have a higher price point, mostly above RM3mil.

Taman Tun Dr Ismail (TTDI)

Bordering Damansara Utama and Bandar Utama in Petaling Jaya, Taman Tun is another exclusive neighbourhood with semi-D units priced between RM 2mil and RM4mil.

List of Semi-D for sale in Selangor

Ukay Perdana

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Semi-D units in this Ampang Jaya area are priced around RM2mil but you will also be able to find units priced below that. Home to the Ampang Forest Reserve, Ukay Perdana is ideal for homebuyers who want to be close to nature and the Kuala Lumpur city centre.

Rafflesia, Damansara Perdana

These hilltop villas are priced between RM2.25mil and RM3.4mil, depending on the built-up area. Damansara Perdana is centrally located in between KL and Selangor and offers various entertainment and shopping centres such as One Utama, The Curve, IKEA, Tesco and Sunway Giza Mall.

Bukit Rahman Putra, Sungai Buloh

The semi-D homes in this area come at a more affordable price range, with many units going below RM2mil. Bukit Rahman Putera was actually named after our country’s first prime minister and is located close to two other prestigious neighbourhoods, Valencia and Sierramas

Taman Melawati, Ampang

Taman Melawati offers a wider range of options for semi-D houses, some below RM2mil and newer developments above RM2mil. This affluent township is popular among homebuyers who are looking for a tranquil living environment as Melawati boasts the Klang Gates Quartz Ridge as its backdrop.

Subang Bestari, Shah Alam

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Located quite close to the Kwasa Sentral MRT station and nearby Help University, most of the semi-D homes in this area are priced below RM2mil.


The semi-D units in Cyberjaya tend to take on the open concept without perimeter fencing with modern designs. Some popular gated and guarded developments which feature Semi-D homes include Eco Glades, Sejati Lakeside 2 and Symphony Hills.

Kota Kemuning

This area also has quite a few options for modern semi-D homes priced below RM2mil. One well-known Gated and Guarded Development in Kota Kemuning is Eco Sanctuary.

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