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How to recreate a spa-worthy bathroom at home


Is your bathroom looking drab? Maybe it’s time to refresh it. Here are five simple ways to recreate a spa-worthy bathroom at home. 

A day at the spa is a wonderful way to relax and unwind. Unfortunately, they’re often expensive and we don’t always have time in our schedules for it. 

So why not transform your bathroom into a mini zen spa escapade? All you have to do is follow these five steps to recreate a spa-worthy bathroom at home.

1. Declutter, declutter and declutter

double sink bathroom
Box Design Studio
Project: The Lighthouse, Andes Villa

Declutter as much as you can for a zen bathroom space. If your bathroom is ridden with heaps of toiletries, makeup and skincare products, downsize it by only keeping the items you use on a daily basis. Decluttering also helps you maximise your bathroom space. Once you’re done, you’ll notice how roomy and airy your bathroom can be. Add a couple of minimalist lighting fixtures like a pendant light and install subway tiles and you’ll have a beautiful bathroom.

Jarsche Design Studio
Project: Setia Alam Residence

2. Create extra storage space

spa-worthy bathroom
Pocket Square
Project: Irama Wangsa

A great way to have an organised bathroom is by having more storage space. There are several ways of achieving this. Instead of opting for pedestal sinks, go for large sink countertop. Now you have plenty of space to arrange your items. Alternatively, you could install mirror cabinets and basin cabinets, keeping your items neatly tucked away behind closed doors.

spa-worthy bathroom

Inspire Edge Studio
Project: Bukit Utama

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3. Arrange towels and bath mats

spa-worthy bathroom
Pocket Square
Project: Araville

One of the things we often notice at spas is how fluffy their bathrobes, towels and rugs are which make us feel lush and pampered. Toss out your old towels and bath mats and replace them with new ones and arrange them neatly to be used at any time. When shopping for bathroom mats, pick one that fits your bathroom tiles to add a sense of luxury to your bathroom.

spa-worthy bathroom
Inspire Edge Studio
Project: Sunway Eastwood

4. Add indoor plants

spa-worthy bathroom
Yong Studio
Project: A Hope Filled Home

Want to up your bathroom decor game? Hang a few pots of plants in it. Indoor plants are a great way to add life to a space, especially if you have a black and white bathroom. It’s also an easy way to turn your bathroom into a laid back and tranquil space. Hanging plants or smaller potted plants on your sink counter can easily do the trick. However, if you want to go the extra mile, you could ask your interior designer to create a built-in planter box.

spa-worthy bathroom
Yong Studio
Project: The Bricks House

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5. Finish it with a soothing scent

spa-worthy bathroom
Project: No. 12 Residence

Aromatherapy is the final element to incorporate into your home spa. Scented lotions, soaps, candles and essential oils are an easy way to recreate it in your master bathroom. Scents like jasmine, lavender and vanilla help to relieve stress and induce you into a state of bliss and relaxation. The perfect bathroom accessories to have when taking a bubble bath.

spa-worthy bathroom
Ark Empire Sdn Bhd
Project: Horizon Hill The Cove

There you have it. A well-designed bathroom will not only look splendid, it can also be as zen and comfortable like a spa.

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