6 bathroom trends to look out for as 2020 approaches


Looking to upgrade your bathroom design? Or just keen to know what’s hot in the world of bathroom design trends in 2020? Look no further.

I used to be so uninspired when designing bathrooms. The options felt limiting and all the polished tiles left me feeling cold.

Well, times have changed. Pinterest and Instagram have raised expectations and the design threshold, bringing us colour, texture, interesting metals and thoughtfully designed vanity profiles.

Modern bathrooms trends are so much more fun these days and here is some of the fun you can expect to see heading into 2020.

1. Nude


Muted, natural tones are being embraced in renovations. © realestate.com.au

Nude, apricot, and peach tones have been dominating interiors of late and will continue to be a go-to colour into the new year and beyond.

For many people nervous about employing colours in general, these muted tones provide something that feels palatable and easy to live with long term while still making an impact.

Not to mention, muted colours make a small space look and feel larger too!


Muted tones are set to become even bigger in 2020. © realestate.com.au

You’ll see it in wall colours, tiles, and even benchtops. It’s a fresh departure from the neutral colours that typically govern bathroom colour schemes.

2. Shaped mirrors


Round mirrors are here to stay in 2020. © realestate.com.au

Mirrors of all interesting shapes and sizes will continue to appear in bathrooms next year, as we turn our backs on the standard wall to wall rectangle.


Curved mirrors in bathroom renovations will stay in vogue for years to come. © realestate.com.au

Ovals, circles, semi-circles, and shapes that I can’t even name, provide an element of pattern and interest to any space and an unexpected dimension to a utility room.

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3. Wall treatment


Softer wall treatments are making their way into our bathrooms. © Eugene Hyland

The design industry has a solution when it comes to those of us who are over the wall-to-wall tiles trend.

We have been calling for softer surfaces to make our bathroom wall feel like more of an extension of the rest of our home.

Next year we’ll see greater use of wet area wall panelling, such as VJ groove, as well as finishes, such as venetian plaster in muted tones to provide much welcome texture.

4. Curves


Curved profiles will be part of design trends for years to come. © realestate.com.au

The beautiful curve! How did it take so long to enter our home decor world?! The beauty of the curved mirror, curved bench, arched doorways, and rounded tap profiles is that it creates a look and feel of fluidity in our spaces and provides the bathroom with much-desired softness.

The curve pays homage to the best of Moroccan inspired design and you can expect it to be a staple in home design across the board in the coming years.

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5. More brass


Brass fittings have been embraced by the design community. © realestate.com.au

Matte finishes are so 2019. If you want your bathroom to pop, go for brass fixtures.

This classic, polished chrome has had such a resurgence in recent years that I keep thinking it’s destined to fall off a sharp cliff. I’m starting to think twice.

It’s a gloriously beautiful metal whether in its organic form where it develops a unique patina or the electroplated variety. Also, it’s much easier to clean!

Always opt for the brushed option as opposed to polished, which can be overpowering when used in multiple contexts, ie. tapware, shower rails, robe hooks etc.

6. Pattern tiles

Pattern tiles will be big in 2020. © realestate.com.au

We’re certain to see a stronger emphasis on pattern tiles going into 2020.

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Patterns will continue to be big in bathrooms in 2020. © Caroline McCredie

Whether it’s a finger tile mosaic or a printed 200×200 Moroccan-style tile, marble tiles, or even windmill-laid subway tiles, there are so many interesting patterns options that your biggest problem will be too many choices.

This article was originally published as 2020 bathroom renovation trend predictions by realestate.com.au written by Carlene Duffy.

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