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Interior design trends for 2021: Here are the top home decor styles to look out for


Travelling may still be out of the cards, so make your home a sanctuary with these 2021 interior design ideas.

What interior design trends will you be keeping or tossing in 2021? Spending close to an entire year staying at home in 2020 has made us more aware of how important it is to pay attention to our house interior design. Now that we can’t use travel as a form of escape, it’s so important that we transform our house into a sanctuary we wouldn’t mind being confined in. With 2021 just around the corner, we’re here to give you some house interior design ideas you can begin implementing.

While we’re unsure of what the coming year may bring to us, having some interior design ideas that will be trending in 2021 will certainly help transform our homes into a place we’d be proud of. This is especially important if working from home and Zoom meetings are still going to be part of the norm. Read on for some home decor ideas that you can try out for 2021.

1. Cottagecore

© Alena Ozerova | 123rf

This TikTok-inspired trend has made its way into the real world, inspiring homeowners everywhere to embrace a new-age rustic interior design with a focus on eco-friendly elements. The cottagecore interior ethos points towards rustic and simple design elements in the home with a big emphasis on cosiness. Think warm colour palettes, cosy throws, natural elements, scented candles, and more. The idea behind cottagecore was strongest during lockdown, where people were isolated and retreated closer to nature, preferring the isolation and quietness of the countryside. While cottagecore interior designs are skewed towards the Western countryside, perhaps you might want to adopt a similar ‘kampungcore’ approach?


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2. Vintage Upcycled Furniture

© snr | 123rf

There is currently a big movement on antique furniture as well as upcycled and restored vintage pieces. However, antique furniture doesn’t have to be expensive. It can also be secondhand furniture pieces that are given a new lease of life, whether upcycled as a different item or repainted and reupholstered. The vintage, upcycled furniture trend may not be new, but it’s seeing a revival especially now when the sustainable movement is strong.

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3. Earthy Colour Palettes

© Dulux

Expect warmer, earthy colours to be in trend this 2021. In fact, Dulux has named its Colour of The Year 2021 as ‘Brave Ground’, a warm and balanced neutral shade that “connects us back to the colours of the earth”.

Why this colour palette is seeing a resurgence is due to a greater need for the home – especially the living room and bedroom – to be warm and cosy, not stark and clinical especially after the weary year we’ve been through. Earthy colour palettes evoke a sense of comfort, which you’ll need if lockdown persists in 2021. Think along the lines of camel, olive green, rusty shades, browns, and more with a yellow undertone.

When thinking of earthy colour palettes for living room interior design or bedroom interior design, don’t limit yourself to just the walls. Use decorative items and textiles with earthy colour palettes to evoke that sense of warmth and cosiness too.

4. Dark Blue

© ismagilov | 123rf

On the other end of the spectrum, dark blue is geared to be one of the most popular shades to use in the home, especially for kitchen interior design. Use it for your cabinets if you’re planning on refurbishing them, or if you’re daring enough, simply paint over them for a fresh new look.

Darker blue is the new black and gives off an elegant and sophisticated vibe. Blues have also long been associated with calmness, which we all need in our lives. Plus, it matches well with earthy colour tones too.

5. Light Wooden Furniture and Fixtures

© Katarzyna Białasiewicz | 123rf

Working in tandem with cottagecore, earthy colour palettes, and natural elements for the home are light wooden fixtures around the home. Light wooden furniture, in particular, completely fits the Scandinavian interior style that’s still popular till today. It evokes a sense of brightness in your home, especially if you incorporate it into your living room interior design or bedroom interior design. Light wood also creates the illusion of a bigger room, which is great if you live in a smaller space.

6. Natural and Organic Elements For Home Decor

© Katarzyna Białasiewicz | 123rf

Here’s an interior design trend that will be perfect for Malaysia. Natural elements have seen a rising popularity in interior design ideas, with one of them being rattan pieces. Whether it’s furniture or decorative pieces, rattan is back in trend again and where better to find authentic rattan products than right here in Malaysia? Besides rattan, other natural element interior items include jute, ceramic, leather, light wood, live indoor plants, and other organic materials. We love a good jute rug in the living room for a touch of this interior design trend.


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