This Scandinavian-themed room is a real-life Pinterest board


Creating a concept inspired by Pinterest, Syaiful took a month to incorporate the Scandinavian theme that revolves around earth tones. The result was… amazing! Keep reading to find out more.

This Scandinavian themed bedroom is stunning!

For those of you who are wondering what the Scandinavian theme is, it is an interior decoration aesthetic that focuses on minimalism, simplicity and practicality. This Scandinavian theme also emphasises the use of natural elements.

According to Syaiful, it took him months to come up with the concept he wanted. As he does not have a background in interior design, he drew most of his inspiration from Pinterest.

This is the view of his bedroom

“Most items are purchased from IKEA, SSF, and Lee Wah (for dry foliage decorations). These inspirations are mostly derived from Pinterest. From there, I was inspired to try and incorporate these elements with my own ideas,” he said.

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Not only that, this Scandinavian theme is also compatible with Syaiful’s preferred earth tone, which is beige. He added that beige is one of the colours that suit any room customisation and the result will definitely not disappoint.

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The choice of theme colours plays an important role

When it comes to themes, Syaiful emphasises that colour selection is very important in creating this room theme. He loves beige tones because it creates a warm and cosy ambiance and is easy to pair with white.

The living room

For the knowledge of the readers of, the colour palette of the room is vital in setting the mood; beige or yellow is often associated with a sense of tranquility, as though you are relaxing by the seashore.

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This colour comes from a combination of washed out grey, brown and yellow. Besides other earth tones, beige is a popular choice amongst interior designers and decorators. This colour is said to radiate a natural and calming effect to your space.

While some may say that the colour is boring and monotonous, it undoubtedly suits this theme. Although it is not necessarily an eye-catching colour, it makes the space look less cluttered and hectic.

Wouldn’t it be difficult to clean? Won’t it get dusty easily?

Those are some of the Twitter users’ comments on Syaiful’s posts. For him, however, cleaning the house is part of his daily routine; there isn’t a day the house goes untidied.

“For those who are curious, I have always enjoyed housekeeping. Sometimes I clean 3 to 4 times a week. Naturally, if we are keen on upkeeping this aesthetic, we must put in extra effort,” said Syaiful.

In addition to decorating the room, Syaiful also shares how he organises his closet and how he decorates other spaces in his home.

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If you are intrigued by Syaiful’s artistry, take a look at his Instagram page. Hope you are inspired!

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