6 ways to decorate a small room

No space? No problem. Just follow our simple tips and tricks to sneak in more storage space into your home.

small room

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The idea of a tiny house with that minimal lifestyle is on the rise. Just do a quick google search and you’ll find a gazillion articles and blogs of people promoting the “tiny house movement” — a social movement that promotes simple living in small homes. Even Netflix is in on it, just check out the show Tiny House Nation! While the concept of ‘less is more’ brings an abundance of benefits like reducing one’s carbon footprint, having fewer house chores to do, getting cheaper rates for renovation and decoration, and conserving energy — it does pose a significant problem: Storage space.

When you’re living in a small home where space is limited, it can be frustrating to find storage area. Fret not, no matter how small your house or your room is, there are ways to sneak in extra shelves or baskets in places you wouldn’t otherwise consider! Think open corners and floating shelves.

Follow our comprehensive guide to adding more storage space into your home without any renovation.

1. Add a floating shelf

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The last thing you want in a small room is clutter. Not only does it diminish the size of your space significantly, but not having a proper place for each and every one of your items might stress you out too. The strategy here is to provide a small but effective way to stow away your essentials, and you can do this by installing a rectangular shelf unit for open storage. And this method works wonders because this shelf unit looks great in every part of the house. If you have indoor plants, it’s also a great way to display them out in the open.

For odd corners that are too small for any furniture to fit, take advantage of these “dead” spaces, install a couple of sleek V-shaped wood panels and voila, a new storage space for you to stash your items.

2. Go for a hanging shelf

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Another creative way to sneak in storage space into your interior design is by introducing hanging shelves at home. Unlike floating shelves that involve installing it against a wall, you can literally place hanging shelves anywhere you want. Not to mention, they free up floor space and allow more legroom for you to roam around without kicking something by accident. Additionally, you can elevate the design by weaving your own macrame shelf. It’s cosy, it’s creative and most of all, it adds storage!

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Follow this step-by-step guide to make your own macrame shelf:

3. Get a desk riser

Convert your regular work desk to something more ergonomic and functional with a desk riser. It helps to elevate your desktop, leaving more storage space to lay out your books, papers, stationeries and important documents.

Having a desk riser could potentially improve your posture too! When you sit in front of your computer for long hours, you’re likely to hunch or slouch. But with a desk riser, you are forced to sit up straight to look at your screen.

4. Consider under-bed storage

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Are you utilising the space under your bed for storage? If your answer is no, then you’ve just identified an extra storage space for your home. Maximise your space by ordering a set of storage baskets and boxes, and tuck it under your bed. Go for the stylish wooden ones if you’re willing to splurge. If you’re short on cash, those with plastic or canvas designs are good, too. The key to success is to keep the space neat and tidy so you know where everything is. Stick a plastic label on each of your boxes to help identify its contents.

Alternatively, if you have an old bookshelf at home, upcycle it by lying it on its back. It’s short enough to slide under your mattress and it comes with built-in compartments for you to separate your items. How amazing is that?

5. Hang a pegboard

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Don’t underestimate the effectiveness of a pegboard — yes, the one we see in garages and workshops — for it provides solutions to your storage problem, without occupying any space. With just a few screws, you can put up your pegboards literally anywhere you want to store your stuff.

No place to store your pots and pans? Hang them up on the pegboard. Want to display your accessories instead of keeping them in a box? Put them up for the world (or just your visitors) to see! Besides, it’s also easier for you to pick and choose what pieces to go with your outfit in the morning.

Dreamt of owning a Carrie Bradshaw shoe closet but never had the space for it? Simply build a pegboard shoe rack and fix it to the back of your closet door or an empty wall. Now you can exhibit your shoe collection with pride.

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6. Opt for a magnetic organiser

Free up your precious kitchen counter space and occupy your wall space with a magnetic organiser that can hold recipe books, paper towels, spices and lightweight kitchen supplies. You can hang the magnetic plate anywhere you want, but the easiest solution is to fix it to the door of your magnetic fridge. If convenience is what you’re seeking, store the items you use for cooking and place it near your cooking station. That way you won’t have to walk back and forth to get what you need.

Tip: Don’t put anything heavy on the organiser as it can’t hold the weight!

For more magnetic organiser ideas, watch the video below: