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Before and after: 8 renovated Malaysian homes you need to see to believe


These before and after photos of house renovations spaces will get your creative juices flowing!

Nothing gets homeowners bright-eyed and beaming than renovating their homes from drab to fab.  That’s why we’re crazy about home design makeovers TV shows like Fixer Upper, Queer Eye and Property Brothers.

If you’re looking for inspiration for your next home makeover project, take notes from these before and after house renovations projects from the interior designers at IQI Concept. 

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1. Before and after soft furnishing living space renovations

Before and after living area renovations
This semi-D was transformed into a monochrome pad with black, grey and white as its primary colour palette. To keep the minimalist vibe and maintain the sleek aesthetic only key furniture pieces like a TV, sofa and carpet filled the space © IQI Concept

One easy way to update and refresh your home without any renovation is by throwing soft furnishing into the mix. All you need are home decor items like pillows, throws and carpets to complete the look. If you want to take it up a notch, mix and match different patterns and colours to make the area more dynamic. But, remember not to overdo it. The key is to mix one or two striking patterned or coloured pillows with plain ones.

Before and after living hall renovations
This condominium was owned by a young family with a preference for a chic Scandinavian look. The mood is achieved by painting one wall in a shade that’s from the grey colour palette and using furniture of similar shades. As wood elements are key to establishing a Scandinavian-inspired look, a wooden laminated arch and coffee table was placed to accentuate the space. A Scandi armchair also complements the overall look and feel © IQI Concept

Pillows aside, carpets are a great way to elevate your interior too! And besides, nothing can compare to the soft, fluffy feeling of carpet under your feet. However, choosing the right carpet for your home can be a daunting task. What you need to remember is that the size of the carpet should reflect the size of your living room. A useful rule of thumb: Your rug should be able to contain your coffee table and big enough to be placed under the front leg of your sofa to let it disappear underneath.

2. Add a touch of green during your home renovation

Before and after bedroom renovations
An open wardrobe is perfect for displaying your favourite outfits. Not to mention, it makes your room feel more spacious as well. Install floating shelves next to your vanity table to create more storage space. Use potted plants to brighten things up too © IQI Concept

Indoor plants are all the rage at the moment with the number of awesome plant nurseries in Malaysia increasing. Not only do they breathe new life into a room, but they can also magically soften edgy decor. If the theme of your home is industrial or monochrome, include some greenery to enhance the look. Avoid artificial plants if possible, but if maintenance is a problem, go for those hard-to-kill houseplants like aloe vera, spider plants, snake plants and succulents

Before and after kitchen renovations
A kitchen island can be more than just a space for you to prepare food. For this home makeover project, the kitchen island also doubles as a dining table. Industrial designed pendant lights were hung above the island to draw attention to the space © IQI Concept

Dress up your dining table with houseplants or keep tabletops clean and ready for feasts with family and friends. Plants can be used as a centrepiece, or if you want, take it up a notch by creating looks with other items like candles. If you have a long, rectangular table, line a row of small identical plants in matching pots down the centre. For round tables, choose circular pots to complement the space. 

3. Before and after incorporating a feature wall to your living area

Before and after kitchen area renovations
To accentuate this semi-D’s reading area with some oriental flare, traditional Chinese paintings adorned the walls while a wooden table and shelf were used as key pieces © IQI Concept

A feature wall is one of the most effortless ways to create instant impact in any space. Choose a contrasting shade for it to stand out from its surroundings. However, don’t just slap some paint on any random wall at home. Consider which wall works best before you proceed. A feature wall should highlight the focal point of the room as where your bed is. Paint aside, you can also hang framed pictures or your favourite art pieces on the wall. If you choose to exhibit your pictures on the feature wall, be sure to install a spotlight or two to shine on them. For more inspiration, check out this guide on different wall decor design that you can incorporate into your home. 

4. Before and after kitchen renovations with pendant light

Before and after kitchen area renovations 2
The pantry area of this Semi-D also serves as a bar area. The homeowner loves a bright and clean design, hence he opted for a marble top for the bar island to exude a sense of luxury and rose gold pendant light to draw attention to the bar area © IQI Concept

Adding pendant light fixtures is synonymous to adding characters to your dining area, especially if you have high ceilings. But choosing the right one can be tricky. On one hand, you want to make it a decorative statement. On the other hand, you want to avoid any unwanted glare. Make sure to hang it high enough so that while standing, you and your guests are not staring directly into the lights. 

5. Before and after house storage renovations

Before and after study room renovations
The owner of this semi-D is a tea connoisseur who wants to exhibit his collection. Seeing that he has a big, unutilised area on the second floor of his home, he added a floor-to-ceiling wooden shelf as a display or showcase. The wooden theme was incorporated to create a relaxing vibe © IQI Concept

Storage planning is important. So much so that you should do it before you even start renovating. If you know where your storage space is, it’d be easier for you to buy and move your furniture around instead of a full-fledge kitchen makeover. Some of the main storage space you should take into account include kitchen cabinets, laundry cabinets and kitchen pantries. 

For smaller living spaces like condominiums, storage planning needs to be done properly because there isn’t much space to play around with. Just take a look at the example below on how proper planning and strategic placement help a small kitchen design reach its potential. 

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Before and after kitchen area renovations 3
One of the many struggles condominium owners face is storage space. As with this home, the owner has to fit a wet kitchen, kitchen pantry and laundry area into one tiny space. To maximise the space, multiple storage units were installed to help cater to different needs. The wet kitchen is on the left closest to natural light. While on the right, space is shared between the kitchen pantry and the laundry area. Top shelves are fixed to help keep the area neat and tidy © IQI Concept

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