Hidden storage space in your home

With limited space in smaller homes these days, we are often left wanting in terms of finding enough storage space.

Besides a dedicated store room, if available, we could always use more storage that is accessible throughout the home. As it turns out, there are several places around the home where you could find spaces that were not obviously available to hold your stuff.

One of the more obvious places is under the stairs. This space has been popular in modern designs where space is at a premium. Under-stairs storage could be as simple as an open rack, or even more elaborate solutions involving retracting shelves that blend into stairs and can be hidden away. Besides under the stairs, the stairway wall itself can also be designed to include shelves.

Another often overlooked potential storage space is the upper areas of the home, close to the ceiling. This includes high shelves in the kitchen that often go unused due to the inconvenience. Investing in a small bench, or even a wall ladder, lets you reclaim this unused space. Once you consider these upper spaces, you might even go for a full-length shelf, or build specialized racks in the ceiling.

Lastly, there may be hidden opportunities for storage in the furniture lying around your house. Tables, benches, kitchen counters, and even beds could be hiding potential space. If you know what you are looking for, you can find a variety of furniture these days that incorporates storage solutions directly into them. Otherwise, you can just get creative and repurpose your existing furniture.

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