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Samsung’s family hub introduces Malaysians to a whole new way of convenient, connected living


11 August, KUALA LUMPUR – Some say that the kitchen is the heart of every household, as it acts as the very difference-maker between just a “place to stay” and a home. It is where every layman’s day begins and the more familiar and comfortable you are in it, the more at home you’ll feel. Hence the saying, “Everything happens in the kitchen, which is where life begins.”

Zoom into its finer details, the refrigerator is arguably the kitchen’s most important piece of equipment. Think about it: Where do we store the items that sustain our very lives? The refrigerator. What do we do when we are bored or restless at home? Most of us would probably look into the refrigerator with hopes of looking for something exciting.

Recognizing this crucial fact, Samsung has introduced many innovations in refrigerators, including the new Side by Side Family Hub – which not only enhances the kitchen, but our life as well. It brings us a smarter way to plan grocery shopping, plan and prepare meals, share notes, sync family schedules, and even stream our favorite music or movies!

The Smartest Refrigerator Your Family Has Seen

The Samsung Family Hub refrigerator, carefully engineered to enhance homes and lives to their fullest potentials, features many innovations that were specially created to make life easier.

For one, it helps users prepare and plan meals by allowing them to see what’s in the fridge anytime, anywhere. Imagine walking through a mall and deciding to do some last-minute grocery shopping. Need a checklist of what’s currently in your fridge so you don’t overstock an ingredient? Simply access the ‘View Inside’ feature available both on Family Hub and your Samsung phone through Family Hub app, and the fridge’s internal camera will show you what you currently have! With this, creating shopping lists, food plans, or purchase reminders are easier than ever.

Apart from that, The Samsung Family Hub refrigerator is able to intelligently propose delicious recipes and even provide simple meal preparation instructions, based on what food you like and have in your fridge! With its Recipes & Meal Planner feature, you can now shift more of your focus away from planning meals, to more important things – like quality time with your family.

Speaking of its quality as the smartest refrigerator for your family; the Samsung Family Hub refrigerator, believe it or not, has several features that help you and your family stay constantly connected as well. One way it does that is through its large Family Board display on its door. Enrich your family life by sharing news, videos, pictures, drawings, and even personalized notes or messages to stay connected with your family! That aside, you’ll even be able to plan and remind your family of important upcoming events with the fridge’s Calendar app!

And with the Samsung Family Hub and its large touchscreen display as the heart of your home, rest assured that your family will be kept up-to-date on your messages and important updates all the time!

Connected Living With Samsung’s Family Hub, Bixby, & SmartThings

Envisioned to create connected living with innovations and personalised technology, Samsung has meticulously designed a home ecosystem, allowing all devices in a home to be connected to one another. What does this mean? Essentially, you can see the contents of your Family Hub from your Galaxy smartphone no matter where you are. Or control the movie on your TV with your Family Hub. Or even get notified when your Samsung washing machine is done with the latest laundry batch! The possibilities are endless with Samsung’s SmartThings ecosystem.

And if that wasn’t impressive enough, Samsung’s state-of-the-art AI assistant Bixby is built into the Family Hub refrigerator as well. In the middle of a meal prep without any music, but your phone is up in your bedroom? No worries, just tell your fridge “Hi Bixby, play my cooking playlist!” and you’ll have your music to serenade you while you continue cooking!

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