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Medini City’s Edible Park celebrates Harvest Festival

Experiencing the park by walking through it

3 October, MEDINI CITY, ISKANDAR PUTERI, JOHOR – Following the overwhelming response received by Edible Festival in March this year, Medini Iskandar Malaysia Sdn Bhd (MIM) will be hosting another green lifestyle initiative at Medini Green Parks. IP Green: Harvest Festival (‘Harvest Festival’) is a celebration of food, sustainability and community engagement happening all day at the Edible Park on Saturday, 6 October 2018 from 12noon to 10pm.

Get your supply of organic green and produce

Organised in collaboration with social enterprise, JOGreen, Harvest Festival is a toast to Johor’s green community, celebrating the many initiatives and relationships that have come to fruition at the Edible Park. It’s a festival for the people who connect to Medini City’s green aspirations – many of the vendors, speakers and performers to be featured at the upcoming festival made their first foray into Edible Park as visitors.

Engaging workshops

Expecting approximately 10,000 visitors, the festival promises delicious food, sustainable produce, thought-provoking programmes and family-friendly entertainment. Talents from creative collectives, local businesses, education institutions, community groups and non-governmental organisations will be participating in the festival.

Dr James Tee, Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer of Medini Iskandar Malaysia Sdn Bhd said, “MIM aspires to give back to the society, and we are committed to shaping Medini City as a healthy lifestyle destination. Harvest Festival is an opportunity for the public to unwind and spend quality time with family and friends. It’s also the perfect time to learn more about the Medini community, which is passionate about creating a green and healthy ecosystem within Iskandar Puteri.”

The festival’s Green Market will carry a wide variety of sustainably-grown produce and signature dishes made from the freshest local ingredients. Visitors will find numerous food options throughout the festival, particularly at the Delicious Lounge, which caters to a variety of tastes ranging from local to international. Medini’s popular food trucks will also be present during the entire day.

Chris Parry, JOGreen Enterprise Founder and Edible Park Curator said, ”Since the soft launch of the Edible Park in February 2018, and then Edible Festival in March a short seven months back, Medini Green Parks have been seeing one of its key missions being realised, the emergence of a community around the sustainability values it champions. There is immense goodwill and response from the public to our programming at the park and the values they represent. We look forward to Harvest Festival being a real celebration of this and a marker for the momentum sustainable living is achieving in becoming a core value for the new city of Iskandar Puteri and its citizens.”

Edible Park has been coaxing visitors to adopt sustainable living practices since its launch earlier this year. Harvest Festival marks another milestone for the park as it highlights the community and practices paving the path towards a greener, healthier urban environment.

Since its completion in early 2018, the five-acre park has hosted numerous weekly workshops on food and its relationship to sustainable living. Knowledge exchange sessions provide the community exposure to green topics such as soil science, seed paper, turnip dumplings, kefir-making, tea-tasting and even an acting class based on Shakespeare’s works.

Unplugged music at outdoor cafe

Highlights at the Harvest Festival include:
1. Artisanal food, arts and craft, gardening needs and local produce from at least 30 sustainable vendors at Green Market;
2. Edible Park’s Cafe will serve a seafood barbecue from the indigenous Seletar community along with heritage local foods such as kampung and Hakka cuisine, and freshly-baked goods. Patrons will be treated to live acoustic music during the day and DJ sets in the evening;
3. Local culinary talents will utilise the park’s produce, herbs and flowers to create a pop-up dining experience at the Lantern House;
4. Unique “modern vintage” performances of enka, a cappella and vintage from New Village Music Lab, Colour of Voices and Mami Takase;
5. Studio performances by local talents such as UTM Chinese Orchestra’s 7-piece ensemble which is performing a traditional mid-autumn song, and Evan Lee, who will be performing the indigenous music of Borneo, as well as activism opportunities and installation art from Last Straw Johor, Kelab Belia Southkey and Forum Masyarakat Johor.

The Harvest Festival is FREE ADMISSION to members of the public. Grab your way to the festival by simply keying in ‘Harvest Festival @ Edible Park’ in your location drop down menu to get RM5 off two rides. This promotional rate is only applicable on day of event – promo code GRABHF18. For more information visit ‘Medini Green Parks’ on Facebook & Instagram.

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