13 online furniture stores like IKEA you probably haven’t heard of

As a strong contender to Ikea, these online furniture stores have so much to offer. And the best thing is, they deliver right to your doorstep! Here are 13 of the best online furniture stores in Malaysia. 

This post was updated on 15 September 2020. 

When it comes to shopping for furniture, the first thing that pops into our mind is always Ikea. As much as we adore the Swedish-founded furniture store where we can go play house and imagine the different lives we could live, there are a lot of other places out there that sells furniture that is equally as good with alternative designs, style and themes.

Sure, nothing beats buying furniture in a physical store where you get to sit on all the different types of side table, coffee table and dining table and dining chair until you find the right one, but if want to buy furniture with non-mainstream designs, then you should shop online. 

From hipster decors to budget-friendly steals, here are 13 best online furniture stores in Malaysia.

1. Ruma


© Ruma Home

A play on the words “rumah”, a direct translation of “home” in English — this furniture shop is being operated by a team of passionate home decor lovers who believe that a beautiful home needs not to be at the expense of your wallet. Ruma specialises in contemporary and Scandi-design furniture that is functional, chic. Best of all, they come with affordable price tags.  Besides the usual tables, chairs and cabinets, you can also find things like rugs, glassware and wall art to spruce up your home.

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2. Maison Leaf

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Maison Leaf offers a wide range of decorative items for your home — think ceramic handmade dinnerware, medieval-inspired pendant lights and home accents that promote zen living. What makes Maison Leaf stand out from this saturated market is their dedication to always handpick a curated selection of home decor pieces from around the world and bring it back here to Malaysia. Handcrafting is also another one of their specialities and all the items listed on their websites are one-of-a-kind. You’ll never find the same finishing on the same item.

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3. Casa Furniture


© Casa Furniture

Casa Furniture’s mission goes beyond providing functional and stylish furniture for all Malaysians. As a brand that specialises in home and living, they aim to improve your lifestyle and your living room through high-quality products and stylish furniture. From lounges and dining sets to the kitchen cabinet and the baby cot for your newest family member, Casa Furniture has it all. 

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4. DJ & Co Lifestyle


© DJ Co & Lifestyle

This Johor-based furniture store is dedicated to providing space-saving urban furniture to solve all your small space problems. Started as an e-commerce site in 2014, they’ve now expanded their business. They even own a humble store in Johor Bahru. Their in-house label, SPAZE is not only notable for designing furniture for a smaller living area, but they’re also devoted to creating functional items with distinct local identity and enhancing it with parts shipped from the European continent to ensure that their products are always of the highest quality. 

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5. HipVan


© HipVan

Ever come across a piece of furniture that you absolutely adore – and you know it will fit right inside your home – but you just couldn’t afford it because it was way out of your budget? You’re not alone. Furniture in Malaysia generally falls into two distinct categories: Over-priced designer furniture that disrespects your wallet, and low-quality designs that disrespect your taste. Enter HipVan, an online furniture shop that provides great designs with great quality, but at a fair price. The best thing is, every single detail is designed with mindfulness so you know everything you get is of quality. 

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6. Kedai Bikin


© Kedai Bikin

With a tagline like “Why fake it if we can make it”, you know Kedai Bikin is not here to play. Born out of Studio Bikin, an architectural and interior design consulting firm, Kedai Bikin is dedicated to creating a platform where well-designed, reasonably-priced, Malaysian-crafted furniture and home accessories are within reach. Aside from its array of aesthetically designed pieces, what really sets Kedai Bikin apart from the rest is that they practise Fairtrade and offer ethically-produced products. Something we don’t see often in our country. 

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7. Nala Design


© Nala Design

Like all great things in the world, Nala Design, too, begun with a simple idea – an idea to bring Asian culture and heritage back into the limelight. Inspired by Colonial Malaya, the interior designer behind Nala Design started off as a humble stationery shop that specialises in an eye-catching, patterned design. Since then, they have grown to sell homeware, accessories and finally, apparel. Everything you see on Nala Design is unique on its own as they are all hand-drawn by founder Lisette Scheers to capture the vibrant culture of Southeast Asia.

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8. Naiise

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When it comes to furniture design, you can argue that they almost always look the same. After all how different can a couch design be? But if you’re in the market for something original yet uniquely local, head over to Naiise. Founded in 2013 and headquartered in Singapore, Naiise is founded on the principle that good design should be widely accessible. As a bootstrapped start-up, Naiise is a strong supporter of local artisans and you can find a heap of locally made products from curry puff plushies from Nom Nom Plush to Kolam Renang Door Mats from Naiise Malaysia. 

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9. Maju Home Concept

maju home concept

© Maju Home Concept

For those who are looking for something a little more luxurious and high end, head over to Maju Home Concept. They have all kinds of furniture items ranging from home decorative accessories to unique children speciality furniture and office furniture for those who are working from home. Like IKEA, they, too, have a physical store that lets you touch and feel the items before purchasing.

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10. Oh Happy Gift


© Oh Happy Gift

One look at the name and you know shopping here will be a delightful experience. Unlike the rest of the names in this list, Oh Happy Gifts is more of a curated gift shop than an actual furniture store. Nevertheless, the items they’re selling can be used in our everyday lives. In fact, they have an “Everyday series” that features collections of curated kitchenware. Home decor and stationery are aplenty too and they come in such pretty designs that you can’t help but add it to your cart and wait patiently for them to arrive and grace your home. 

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11. Lavino

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With more than 20 years in the business, Lavino first started in the East Coast of Malaysia. Since they, they grew from a small team of four to a company with more than a hundred employees today. What we love about Lavino is the fact that not only they offer competitive pricing for all of their products, they also aim to provide a wonderful shopping experience for their customers. You can visit any of their showrooms and get a first-hand experience of the items before checking them out online.

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12. Joy Design

joy design

© Joy Design

The old adage “if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again” might resonate with the general public, but the team behind Joy Design believes that whatever they do, they have to do it right the first time. Perhaps this is the reason why you can almost always expect high calibre products from them. Don’t worry about the price though. We know the phrase “high-quality furniture” usually comes with an expensive price tag, but not in this case. The items at Joy Design are surprisingly affordable for the type of quality you’re paying for.

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13. Timeless Design

As suggested in its name, the items offered here are functional and timeless as they believe that great design is always about form, function and excitement. Timeless Design offers well-designed furniture pieces that are traditionally found in designer showrooms, but they’re much affordably priced. You can find items like coffee tables, designer rugs, pendant lamp, sunlounger and home office furniture amongst others here.

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