Interior design trends for 2020


We round up the top interior design trends that you’ll be seeing in 2020. 

With each new year comes a new beginning — a new set of New Year’s Resolutions (that we may or may not achieve), a new attitude, a new look and of course, new interior design trends. 

In 2019, we saw a rise in natural textile, maximalist art pieces and sustainable home design. While some of the top trends in 2019 will continue to flourish into the next couple of years, there are some new eye-catching designs that will make their way into our beautiful home.  

Read on to find out the top home decor design ideas in 2020. 

What are the home decor trends for 2020?

1. Bold monochromatic

Interior with bold blue walls

Our mantra for 2020: Go bold or go home © Katarzyna Białasiewicz | 123rf

Remember a couple of years ago when monochrome took the world by storm? The black and white trend was plastered everywhere from interior design to fashion and beauty. Today, the monochromatic design is not as favourable as before and it’s slowly losing its appeal. What’s in vogue instead are bold monochromatic tones like Classic Blue (the Pantone Colour of the Year in 2020), Emerald Green and Aubergine. An easy way to incorporate this trend into your living area is to sprinkle colour palette throughout the room so it feels cohesive. Remember to keep accessories and decors as close in colour as possible too!

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2. Old meets new

Retro grey living room interior

Don’t throw vintage pieces away © Katarzyna Białasiewicz | 123rf

You don’t have to hide the antique vases and silvers that you got from your grandparents anymore. Turns out, layering old pieces with contemporary decor is the latest trend that even your mom will approve of. There’s something special about marrying modern styled pieces with inherited pieces that hold sentimental importance. Not only does it stimulate nostalgia, but it also helps to strike a balance so that the room looks exceptionally elegant. To ensure your room is stylish — and not cluttered — include only pieces that add character. 

3. Green everything

entrance of a modern building

Grow indoor plants in places with abundant of natural light © Alexandre Zveiger | 123rf

Green may be the Pantone’s Colour of the Year for 2017, but the leafy hue is here to stay. Soft, peaceful and tender, it’s the colour you can find abundantly in nature and it’s perhaps one of the most relaxing colours to the eye, no matter the shades. Which is why more and more designers are opting to decorate with this calming colour. Another amazing thing about the colour green is that it allows more freedom and creativity in its design. Asides from painting your wall green and buying green-coloured pieces, you can also add indoor plants to revitalise your space.

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4. Large scale art

Living room with fireplace

When it comes to art, bigger is better. © in4mal | 123rf

As the adage goes, “go big or go home”. Instead of a gallery wall, large scale art will be taking centre stage in 2020 and it’s slowly making its way into our home through wallpaper, artwork, tapestries and photographs. Choose a piece of art that you love or is meaningful to you and place it as a backdrop for your bed or sofa. It’ll dramatically transform any dull space into a spellbinding one. With that large piece of art, you don’t even need other accessories!

5. Go organic

Candles on classic wooden table

Natural materials lend an earthy beauty to your home. © Katarzyna Białasiewicz | 123rf

Time to bid goodbye to man-made materials and textures, because organic forms and earthy shades will be making a notable appearance in 2020. It comes as no surprise as people are becoming more mindful about the environment and its surroundings. On top of that, bringing natural elements into your home will also make you feel calm and at peace. One easy way to incorporate organic matter into your design is through colours and furniture pieces that are made of wood, tweed, felt and wool. Colour-wise, choose earthy tones such as chocolate brown, muted taupe and rustic green. 

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6. Floral wallpaper

Copper table on carpet and green pillow on grey couch in flowers

Bring a soft touch to your living room design with floral wallpaper. © Katarzyna Białasiewicz | 123rf

Another throwback-turned-contemporary trend we will be seeing in the coming year is floral fabric. You may think that this trend only belongs in the 80s and that it will look out of the ark, but there is a significant difference between the old yellow flowery wallpaper in your grandparents’ home and the one you’ll be seeing in 2020. The wallpaper trend we’ll be seeing today will integrate different size of floral patterns with strong, contrasting hues to make your walls pop. 

7. Mixed metals

Matte and marble go hand-in-hand too. © Jodie Johnson | 123rf

Think silver, gold, copper, brass and tin. These metals are going to be huge in 2020 and we predict that the mixed metal decor will be all over the place. So instead of matching all your kitchen fixtures and cabinet handles, we reckon you to experimental and mix it up a little. Silver and bronze work well together as both colours complement each other. Be careful not to mix more than three different metals though or you risk overwhelming the space.

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8. Back to black

Bedroom in black style

Add greenery in a black room to balance the dark paint. © skdesign | 123rf

Orange is the new black, you say? Not anymore! Black is back on trend and it’s going to dominate the world of interior design. From paint to countertops to furniture in general, there’s nothing this classic, bold tint can’t work. And besides, black makes everything look extra high end and expensive too! So if you’re looking for a cheaper way to spruce up your space, black will be the answer. That being said, black colour does make a room look smaller. But you can always solve the issue by introducing contrasting colours like white or pastel hues to balance out the darkness. 

What’s the hottest paint colour trend for 2020?

Revamping your home into a brand new style can be onerous, and not to mention, costly. Thankfully, there’s an easy way to update your home and that is by swiping on a fresh coat of paint

Here are some of the trending paint colours of 2020.

1. Classic Blue

Sofa, lamp and footstool in room

Introducing Pantone’s Colour of the Year for 2020 – Classic Blue © Katarzyna Białasiewicz | 123rf

It’s always exciting to see what colour Pantone will pick for its colour of the year. And this year, they’re going with a shade that will bring a sense of calm and tranquillity. Introducing the Classic Blue, the colour of the twilight sky – it’s a timeless colour that can be used literally anywhere, but the most obvious choice would definitely be in the bedroom as this soothing colour will help to ease us to sleep

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2. Blush Pink

Girly scandi room with wooden house bed

Blush pink paint creates a subtle statement in your room © Katarzyna Białasiewicz | 123rf

Pink is making a comeback. Ever since millennial pink was introduced back in 2016, this soft, youthful shade has only been becoming more and more popular in the interior design world. Not a surprise though because blush pink pairs impeccably with every colour on the spectrum and it can make any space feel modern and chic.

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3. Nature green

Teal sideboard in luxurious interior

Green soothes and makes everything around it look good. © Katarzyna Białasiewicz | 123rf

As we’ve established in the previous section, nature and the colour green will continue to dominate in the coming year. Inspired by meadows, this hue encourages us to reconnect with nature. Pair this calming green with other hues found in nature such as browns, blue and white for the ultimate relaxing space. 

4. Cavern Clay

cavern clay paint living room

Add a touch of warmth with this cosy hue. © serezniy | 123rf

Don’t be surprised if you see terracotta making an appearance everywhere in 2020. The warm brown shade is also another nature-inspired hue that designers love. A shade between brown and orange, it’s a warm, cosy colour that will make any space look extra inviting. It also goes well with other warm colours as well as materials like wood and concrete. 

What are the current trends in bathroom design?

While you’re busy revamping your living space and choosing a new colour for the new year, there’s one very important room that you shouldn’t neglect – the all-important bathroom! Here are some of the top bathroom trends you’ll be seeing in 2020.

1. Freestanding bathtub

classic luxury bathroom.

Place a freestanding tub in the middle of the bathroom for an expensive look. © Monika Mlynek | 123rf

Everybody loves to have a freestanding tub in their home and it’s a bathroom classic that will never go out of style. It can also match any bathroom style and decor. If you’re into the modern design, go for stone resin. For classic lovers, just install copper elements in your tub and voila! 

2. Accent wall

Modern marbled bathtub in a luxury bathroom

A dramatic black accent wall helps to elevate the look © skdesign | 123rf

Forget about installing an accent wall in your living room because the new trend is having it in your bathroom. An accent wall helps to create visual interest for your bathroom without relying on decor. From marble to mosaic, brick and even natural stones, there are plenty of materials you can choose for your accent wall. But our perfect favourite is to have a plain wall and dress it up with indoor plants. The moisture in your bathroom will help them thrive too!

3. Go bold 

Luxury bathroom with copyspace

Add subtle accent like plants and wooden panel to soften the look. © Daniil Peshkov | 123rf

White is out and bold-coloured accents are in. Add character to your bathroom by repainting the walls or cabinets in striking colours like matte black, burnt orange and navy blue. These colours will help to make your bathroom stand out from the rest of the house. Another easy way to incorporate a bold colour is by getting accessories and toiletries that have strong accents instead. 

4. Modern light fixtures

Make a statement in your bathroom by hanging a small chandelier. © Katarzyna Białasiewicz | 123rf

Aside from painting the entire bathroom, another cheap and easy way to upgrade your bathroom is by changing the light fixtures. Hang small chandeliers to amp up the space. If money is a concern, you can try installing pendant lights instead. 

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5. Indoor plants

modern bathroom interior with indoor plants and bathtub

Keep your bathroom bright and cheery with some greens. © Victor Zastolskiy | 123rf

This one keeps coming up but we can’t stress enough how big this trend is getting! And the truth is, sometimes a touch of green is all you need to primp up a space. To avoid having a cold and uninviting bathroom, add a couple of indoor plants to make things more appealing. Just some small succulents on your floating cabinet will do too! And besides, the humid environment in your bathroom might just be the perfect place for indoor plants to grow. 

What’s the next big design trend in kitchen decor?

Looking to refresh your kitchen in 2020? Then you should take a look at these trending kitchen and dining room ideas. 

1. The return of marble

Add a note of luxury to your kitchen with a marble countertop© Denis Ismagilov | 123rf

Surprise, surprise, the marble countertop will be making a comeback in the year 2020, but this time around we’ll be seeing more strongly veined marble. That said, marble countertops are also susceptible to damage. So you need to constantly maintain the surface. One etch and the whole design will be off. Here’s a useful tip to store away for a later day: For small scratches, you can consider using baking soda to polish it. 

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2. Dramatically dark

Black Granite Kitchen

Dark colours can turn any kitchen space into an elegant space © Chay Bewley | 123rf

Black is trending and it will extend its trend to the kitchen floor. Instead of using it as an accent colour, we recommend painting the entire wall black for a luxe feel. But if you’re not ready to commit, go small by painting your cabinetry and work surfaces black. Pair black with textured wood for a homely look. 

3. Pop of colour

Interior of modern kitchen.

Create an instant pop of colour in your kitchen by painting your cabinet. © Iuliia Nazarenko | 123rf

Or rather, go for an eclectic look by pairing unexpected paint colours in the kitchen. One of the easiest and cheapest options is to paint a wall in one colour and decorate your kitchen in another contrasting shade. If you go with white for the wall, we suggest stepping out of your comfort zone and painting your cabinets or kitchen island light blue or sunshine yellow to make the entire space pop.

4. Double island

Beautiful Kitchen in Luxury Home

Keep things organised in the kitchen with two islands. © breadmaker | 123rf

Why have only one island when you can opt for two? If you have a big kitchen space, double the amount of islands in the kitchen to expand your kitchen’s function. Instead of preparing a meal and serving them on the same island, split the work so one’s focusing on meal preparation and the other’s mainly used for serving and gathering. You can even install sinks on both islands to make cleaning up two-times easier. 

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