8 best paint colours for small rooms


Looking to paint a fresh coat of colour for your home? These paint colours will spruce up your space and make a small room seem larger than it is. 

Spacious and functional apartment with gold decors

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There’s only so much you can do to spruce up a small room. From the placement of your furniture to buying multi-purpose furniture to store your items, you need to pull out every trick in the book to make it work. But did you know there’s an even easier way to enlarge a space? The choice of paint colour plays a major role as well! White is definitely the go-to colour, but for those of you who want options, the experts at IQI Concept has chimed in on the best colours for small rooms. 

1. Beige

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Beige never goes out of style and this colour can be used literally anywhere. Contrast it with a piece of statement furniture to create a calm atmosphere in a room. Definitely a shade for those who don’t want an all-white space but aren’t ready to be committed to incorporating splashes of colours into a room

2. Muted Grey


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The colour grey may be lacklustre but when done properly the colour can exude style and sophistication to a room. If you decide to pick this colour, then you should complement the space with a statement decor or artwork and let it take the lead. If you’re worried that the colour’s too dull, choose one that has some luminosity to add depth to the space. 

3. Sky Blue


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There’s something about the colour blue. Not only is it a comforting colour, but it also helps to make your room feel a tad bit more expensive. Layer a few shades of the same colour in your rugs, furniture and curtains to create a cohesive style. 

4. Off White

Blue chair and design lamp in natural living room with plants and two paintings on white wall

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No, we’re not talking about the streetwear brand that takes the world by storm, but colours that are considered shades of white like ivory, cream, eggshell and vanilla. These colours are creating a bright and airy space as light colours tend to reflect light into your room. 

5. Blush


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Going light doesn’t mean you have to stick to boring colours like white — a soft shade of pink can make a room feel and look bigger without overwhelming the space too! Accessorise the room with shades of grey to balance the tone. 

6. Teal

Fresh cactus in copper pot standing on small wooden table next to navy blue chair

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This creamy neutral tone is an elegant mix between blue and green, and is a colour that can be used anywhere as it creates visual interest in a room. However, we wouldn’t recommend splashing the whole room teal as it might overwhelm the space. Instead, contrast it with white, grey and black to create a harmonious yet stimulating environment. 

7. Lemon Chiffon


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While yellow’s not a common room colour that people would go for, the soft pastel shades of lemon chiffon might just change your mind. One easy way to visually enlarge a small room is by brightening up a space. And what better way to do that than with a bright but subtle shade of yellow? Note: A warm tone is stimulating, so use it in active rooms where you socialise and entertain.  

8. Desert Sand

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This light and muted tone is another amazing colour for small spaces as it creates a rich and warm glow that makes everything look expensive and polished. As it’s a lighter tone of beige, light bounced off this colour impeccably to freshen up the space. As the colour’s close to nature, it’s best used in the background where it allows other furniture and decor to shine uninterruptedly. 

While there are a lot of colour choices that you can use in a small room, there are also colours that you should avoid for they can overwhelm a room and make it feel even more cramped than it already is. 

Here are some of the worst colours for small rooms:

Decorative Areca palm in interior of room

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a. Red

Red may look good as an accent wall, but it’s a big no-no if you plan to paint the whole room red. The intensity of the colour will overwhelm your room and make you feel uncomfortable. 

Beautiful living-room with white couch near empty yellow wall

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b. Yellow

Pastel yellow like lemon chiffon is fine but bright yellow is another bad room colour. A bright coloured room can become tiring after a while. Instead, paint an accent wall or incorporate yellow in your home by using accessories to brighten up your room.

Should all rooms be painted in the same colour? 

sofa of tissue in a modern living room.

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There’s no harm in opting for the same paint colour for all of your rooms, but if you want to jazz it up, try using different shades of the same colour and apply it across. Use light to medium shades of the colour for bedrooms and living rooms, and darker and bolder tones for dining rooms, study areas and kitchen.

What floor colour is best for small rooms? 

Spacious and bright living room with stylish decorations

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Like the colour of your wall, you should always go for lighter shades as they help give the illusion of an open space. So go for off white tones like ivory, cream and eggshell. Asides for visually enlarging a space, these colours also add elegance to your rooms with this paint colour.