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Why are there more men than women looking for a place to stay in Bangsar?

test’s data team looked into their site visitors search trends and found that more than 50% of the searches done for properties in Bangsar were by… men! We’ve decided to look into this.

There’s more to Bangsar than just luxurious penthouses and tranquil bungalows – some of the new property launches offer attractively priced studio units and the older apartments, while still holding prestige, are becoming just a little more accessible these days. © Eric Yong | Facebook

Most Malaysians might scoff at the idea of a local looking to purchase or rent a home in Bangsar. We dont blame them, Bangsar holds a Beverly-Hills-like persona and rentals for its landed properties alone can go as high as RM28k a month. You might not know this but Bangsar is actually riddled with properties hovering within the mid-range price bracket too. 

The older apartments are the kind of places that greet you with old school water fountains, making you feel like you have definitely made it in life. The best part is, these classic beauties are actually pretty affordable – bachelor pads, i.e studio/smaller units in places like Tivoli Villas and Bangsar Permai start from as low as RM1,600

Meanwhile, family-sized units are available too. Hidden gems are aplenty – one could get a 984 sq ft apartment in Bangsar Permai for under RM600,000 while this huge unit measuring 1,315 sq ft in the nearby Pantai Hillpark is going for only RM600,000.

Bangsar’s newer developments aren’t too shabby either. Imagine bringing a special lady home to this RM2,000 studio or something like this. The thing is, new developments are almost always smaller (considering the increase in land cost, etc) whereas the older ones are indefinitely larger, given that developers then had the luxury of space and they basically went all out. Which is why you can find a wonderfully maintained, 3+1 bedroom, 3 baths and 1 carpark unit for just RM3,100 – whether you want it all to yourself or you wanna share it with a buddy, it sounds like a pretty good deal.

Now, we know that prices alone aren’t the deciding factor – it’s the neighbourhood itself. So, what is it about Bangsar that attracts home seekers and working professionals – more accurately, bachelors?

1. The variety of good food within reach

Ask any true blue Malaysian what their biggest concern is and they will most definitely tell you it’s deciding what their next meal is going to be. Whether you want to spend less than RM10 on a meal (mix rice at Devi’s Corner anyone) or you just want to treat yo’self with a steak dinner, Bangsar provides.

Besides Chello’s Appam Stall in Lucky Garden to Ril’s Bangsar on Jalan Telawi, there are plenty of artisanal cafes and vegetarian options in between to explore too. Hungry at 1 AM? No problem! Stick with good old McD’s or explore local options like Syed, Devi’s Corner and Pelita. Not forgetting, Nasi Lemak Famous right next to Bangsar Village II which is often frequented by late-night office workers, club-goers and gym rats. 

And we haven’t even covered desserts yet. Bangsar is also the go-to spot for most city folk to get their sugar fix or for an afternoon tête-à-tête, take your pick from mouth-watering homemade cakes at Jaslyn Cakes to yummy bingsu at Han Bing Korean dessert cafe.

What takes the cake here (no pun intended) is the endless dating venue options, bachelors have the ability to take a girl from a fancy dinner to dessert and a casual coffee – all without ever having to leave Bangsar!

Living a stone’s throw away would also mean more bro-time – How many of you always pick a spot in Bangsar (especially McD’s) as a meeting point or just for a yumcha session? You gotta admit, Bangsar is the one location in KL that serves as the perfect mid-point between all the other neighbourhoods as it isn’t too far from where everyone else is staying.

2. It’s nightlife. Enough said. 

There is a reason why looking for a parking spot in Bangsar is so tough, even on a normal weekday! 

It doesn’t matter if you are a KLite, a foreigner or an out-of-towner, you would have gone for a Girls/Guys Night out at least once in your adult life in Bangsar. With the numerous bars, speakeasies and pubs dotting Bangsar’s landscape, this neighbourhood is the default place to have a few drinks after work, to dance the night away or to just chill with your buds while ‘people-watching’.

We have all been to at least one of Bangsar’s popular watering holes – W.I.P., Bar Atas, SIX, The X Bar, Gridiron, T Club, The Social and the Mantra Bar.

One great story I’m sure many of us share is ending our night/morning at Devi’s Corner – and you’re either the one that’s knocked out and lying on the table or you are trying to get your tipsy buddy to sober up with some kopi-O. 

Devi’s Corner is synonymous with Bangsar – Even if you don’t live nearby, chances are you’ve visited this restaurant more than once with your mates.  

Now, imagine living in Bangsar. And hey, the many girls walking into the restaurant barefoot, stilettos in hand, giggling about how amazing their night was – who knows, your future soulmate might just be a table away! Check out the latest stamp duty charges and 6 other costs to consider before buying a house in 2019.

3. Easy access to all amenities  

Getty Images

What else would a male working adult want, you ask? Well, bachelors have daily errands to run too!

Luckily, everything one would need is just a few minutes away – banks, the post office, minimarts, clinics, pharmacies, hair salons and massage centres. Grocery shopping is a breeze and depending on your budget, you have a variety of hypermarts with different price points to choose from; there is Village Grocer in Bangsar Village and the Sunday Pasar Malam (pictured above); as well as TMC, a hypermart located next to Mahbub Restaurant. Yay!

Moreover, you never have to venture out of the neighbourhood for any retail task; shop for that perfect outfit or a last-minute gift at Bangsar Shopping Centre, Bangsar Village II or in the many boutiques clustered around the Bangsar CBD. Similarly, getting your phone repaired or your laundry done is easy peasy with the many shops available in the Lucky Garden area.

4. Keeping fit is no sweat

And finally, after all that indulging, it’s good to give our bodies a little TLC in the form of a good ol’ workout. Bangsar is the very definition of #FitFam – it has numerous gyms, yoga centres and Cross-Fit studios to choose from. But more than that, Bangsar offers different ways to get in a workout – from the public pool at Bangsar Sports Complex (that’s available to anyone from 9.30 am onwards) to Pole Dancing at Bobby’s Pole Studio (#StrongIsSexy!) and self-defence classes or sweating it out in a kickboxing ring.

We are not even surprised that numerous guys are searching for properties in Bangsar when the avenue to get ripped is right next to the chance to spar with a future love interest *wink wink*. If you are an expat looking to call Malaysia home, read Guidelines for foreigners buying a house in Malaysia.

An added plus of living in Bangsar is not having to worry about safety because Bangsar never sleeps – the ‘town centre’ is always filled with people either eating, shopping or bar-hopping. We now get why working professionals and bachelors, especially are drawn to Bangsar. Honestly, it’s like our Moms sat down and thought, “Hmmm my son will need food, regular haircuts, clean laundry, more food, exercise, and a nice girl” – and out of sheer will power, Bangsar was born.

What are you waiting for – check out the available Bangsar properties for rent and for sale today!

Edited by Reena Kaur Bhatt


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