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What is house orientation and why is it important?


Orientation is an important aspect to consider when designing, renovating or buying a new house. 

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House orientation is an aspect where a house, building or furniture is placed at a certain position or lot to maximise the energy efficiency within its surroundings. Nevertheless, it is rarely on the homebuyers’ checklist when inspecting a potential new home. When positioning a house, there are a few factors that need to be considered such as the amount of sunlight, wind, view and even noise.

Some cultures, for example, may tend to position the house and its interior arrangement in a certain way as it is believed that the cosmos can bring the right balance of energy, a harmonise environment and good luck. Sometimes, this orientation can potentially affect the selling price of the property. Ancient Chinese art Feng Shui is one of the oldest known practices of applying the energy concept in various aspects of life, and that includes house orientation.

A proper house orientation does not only make it comfortable, but it also reduces energy consumption within the household. How many of us here include house orientation in the checklist when inspecting a potential new home?

Here’s a handy guide on what is house orientation and why it is important.

1. Good orientation is getting the right amount of sunlight

Good lighting makes the house appear brighter and happier. Not just that, houses that are built with good orientation use far less energy. When you are looking for a new house or doing renovations, make sure the windows are well placed, so you can allow radiant heat into your home. On top of that, it allows proper ventilation and heat control during sunny noons. It also allows natural light to get into your home while limits the use of air conditioning and fans to cool the room.  Getting the right amount of sunlight does not only make your house more appealing but it also enhances its marketability.

2. Good orientation is shading your home from warmer temperatures

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Getting a decent amount of sunlight is important but it is also crucial to keep your home away from extreme heat. In a tropical country like Malaysia, we can never run away from our hot climate and sometimes, El Nino. It is the time of the year when it gets extremely warm.

Shading is a good way to keep your home from overheating. Leafy trees play an important role in shading your home. You can also install external shades like a retractable awning. If you’re living in a highrise residence, you can install additional shades or blinds like Blackout, a room-darkening fabric that blocks up to 100% of light. You can also opt for Solar that protects your home from harmful UV while not blocking your million-dollar view.

3. Good orientation is having natural ventilation

This can be done by having windows that allow breezes to ventilate the house. The windows and doors must be well placed to maximise the cool breeze advantage. Having natural wind is important in humid and warm climates like Malaysia as it works as a ventilator that relief your home from heat.

On top of that, proper ventilation controls moisture that’s lingering in your home. It also prevents condensation that can cause damage to homes. Improper ventilation causes dampness that will lead to mould growth.  This is why sometimes mould or black damp patches develop on the walls. In severe cases, dampness causes musty smells, breeding ground for mites and eventually lead to health problems. On the plus side, natural airflow helps to get rid of the smoke and smell from cooking as well as pets.

4. Good orientation is capturing that picture postcard view 

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Facing that million-dollar view is one of the top things to look out for especially when buying a highrise property. It can be a scenic view of the city skyline or it can be lush greeneries. Make sure your windows are placed and designed in a direction where they can capture as much outlook as possible. Houses with captivating views have a higher value and they are more sought after compared to the ones with less picturesque surroundings. Does it sound like a good investment? Yet it does!

After all, there’s no exact right or wrong when orienting your home. You can always orientate and decorate your home according to your liking. Nevertheless, we hope this handy guide will help you ensure your home is perfectly illuminated and ventilated all year long!.

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