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USG Boral Malaysia takes ceiling solutions to the next level


Product launched

Four versatile products are set to revolutionise ceiling systems in Malaysia with innovative and unique features to fuel modern living and working conditions.

Recognising the need for versatile construction products in Malaysia’s rapidly developing environment, speciality ceiling systems innovator USG Boral Malaysia recently introduced 4 new ceiling products, namely MarsTM ClimaPlusTM panels, OlympusTM MaxTM ClimaplusTM panels, DONN® DXM Grid system, and DONN® DXT Grid system. The launch which was held on 22 November 2017 at the premises of Pertubuhan Arkitek Malaysia (Malaysia Institute of Architects) witnessed excellent response, with the majority of guests comprising members of the architect’s fraternity, developers, distributors, as well as representatives from government agencies.

Welcome speech by Daron Cheah

At the launch, Daron Cheah, Managing Director of USG Boral Malaysia said, “We have been making good progress in Malaysia due to our commitment to deliver innovative products that enable our customers to work smarter and build better.”

“The best innovations start with a focus on what is needed and how they will benefit the industry as a whole. This new range of ceiling systems is proof of our innovation, showcasing our focus on manufacturing products that improve the quality of living of the Malaysian community,” he added.

USG Boral’s MarsTM ClimaPlusTM is a revolutionary ceiling tile that offers enhanced washable features and is scratch-proof with improved impact resistance compared to conventional ceiling tiles. The tiles which can be scrubbed clean were designed to provide better acoustic transmission as it reduces noise up to NRC 0.70 – an ideal option for offices, hospitals, classrooms, dining rooms and food preparation areas.

USG Boral display showcase at PAM materials gallery – First floor

The newly introduced OlympusTM MaxTM ClimaplusTM panels is also another variation of USG Boral’s suite of ceiling tiles which offers washable features requiring only a soft brush to clean the tiles. These tiles also contribute towards noise reduction of up to NRC 0.70, and is an ideal option for classrooms, hotel receptions conference halls, and retail outlets.

USG Boral’s exciting new range also presents another versatile and innovative product suite which is the DONN® Grid comprising two types of products namely the DONN® DXM Grid system and the DONN® DXT Grid system. This new ceiling tile range enables convenient and faster installation requiring up to 40% less insertion force. The grid also presents cross tees that are easily removable without tools, to prevent grip drop during installation, thus contributing towards a safer working environment. The DXT Grid system range of tiles features a refined 14mm narrow face to create a monolithic ceiling plane while the DXM Grid System range has a slim 14mm face with 3mm Omega-shaped reveal that softens the effect of the grid lines.

USG Boral Malaysia’s new and unique range of tiles presents the ultimate solution for concealment of unsightly ceiling protrusions, enhances design and ceiling contours as well as contributes towards better dimensions and mood in the building.

With the latest open-ceiling trend rapidly catching on, USG Boral Malaysia emphasises that there are many disadvantages to this trend which includes the lack of interior aesthetics and the loss acoustics. However, these setbacks are addressed by these new tile systems that offer acoustical ceiling systems that reduce echo resulting in clearer audio transmission throughout the space, and more privacy for occupants. This system also provides greater energy conservation with its higher light reflection properties and reduces the loan on air-conditioning as the lesser volume of air is required to cool the room.

Presentation by Leanne Tan

The launch also features an interactive mobile-quiz session to raise awareness and increase the knowledge of attendees on these new ceiling tiles systems. Guests also witnessed a demonstration on the ease of installing and dismantling the DONN® grid used for the new ceiling systems. Guests were invited to participate in a contest to install and dismantle the DONN® grid. Prizes were given out to winners who were able to complete the task in the shortest time. This contest was successful in highlighting the ease of application and usage of the DONN® grid.

Hands-on experience

USG Boral Malaysia featured an exhibition booth at the PAM Material Gallery to display the actual system to visitors. Visitors had the opportunity to view how easy and functional the new ceiling products are, which is a reflection of USG Boral’s status as one of the world’s top ceiling materials manufacturers in Malaysia.

This event was a significant milestone for USG Boral Malaysia as the company continues to spearhead revolutionary ceiling systems in Malaysia.

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