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Turn your small bathroom into a luxury hotel retreat


After a relaxing getaway, you might find yourself missing not just the plush hotel beds, but also the luxe, photo-worthy bathrooms!

It’s no surprise – hotels put a lot of thought into their bathrooms to transport you out of the functional and into the fantasy.

If you think that you have too small a space to work with and can only enjoy a luxury bathroom when you’re travelling, then you’re mistaken. With a few simple tricks and some coin, you can turn any bathroom into one that you’ll end up missing when you travel.

1. Make it smell good

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Daily cleaning and scents from fresh towels, soaps, and shampoos contribute to the heavenly hotel bathroom experience.

Mimic this by incorporating relaxing scents like Lavender and lemongrass via candles, essential oils, and toiletries. Candles and aromatherapy burners have the added benefit of adding warm light and creating a relaxing ambience.

While most of us don’t have the luxury of daily laundry service, it’s still important to replace your floor mats, hand towels, and bath towels regularly. This maintain freshness, prevents mildew, and is more hygienic.

Mildew and mould are huge contributors to a foul-smelling bathroom, especially for smaller bathrooms or windowless ones in apartments. To prevent humidity buildup, install a bathroom ventilator.

2. Make it look good

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Speaking of looking good, it’s what hotel bathrooms do best. Ever wondered why your bathroom selfies look so good in those bathrooms? It’s the lighting.

Light both sides of your mirror with a warm and soft lighting for a flattering reflection (and Instagram photo!). Add more lighting around your bathroom like recessed lights and a feature pendant lamp or chandelier to draw the eye up and make the bathroom appear bigger.

While you’re at it, add a big, statement mirror and metallic or brass bathroom accessories like your drawer handles and faucet. They add class and timelessness to the bathroom while acting as statement pieces, allowing you to do away with decorative items that might clutter a small room.

3. Make it feel good

zero waste bathroom
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Notice how hotel bathrooms always have a lounge area like a bathtub complete with vanity items? While it may not be practical to install an air conditioner or bathtub into a small bathroom, you can still create a mini lounge area.

Add a stool by a countertop stocked with your favourite masks, magazines, and a wireless speaker to enable mini escapes after long days at work.

4. Green is good

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The quickest upgrade for a small room is greens. Add potted plants or succulents on your countertop or empty open shelving for a touch of nature and some extra O2.

Besides live plants, add elements of nature with wooden accents like eco-friendly toothbrushes, mirrors, counter organisers, and even flooring.

If you’re worried about ruining the wood with water, seal your wooden items with water-resistant finishing. For extra measure, regularly dehumidify the bathroom with a ventilation fan.

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