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7 popular interior design trends we’ve seen on TikTok since the pandemic


If you – like most of us – gave in and downloaded TikTok at the start of the pandemic last year, chances are you’ve been seeing these interior design trends appear on your For You Page (FYP) a lot.

tiktok interior design trends
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Raise your hands if your casual entry into TikTok last year has evolved into a full-blown addiction. We, too, are guilty of it. With so much more than just dancing videos, the short-video app is a treasure trove of humour, life hacks, tips and tricks, and even the birthplace of many interior design trends you’ve been seeing in the past year.

Below, we list some of the most popular interior design trends we’ve been seeing on TikTok since the pandemic started. From kitchen design trends – goodbye white and greys, hello colour – to room decor ideas like squiggly clay mirror frames, read on and see if you can check these trends off your ‘seen’ list.

1. Tiled coffee tables


my favorite table ever ✨ #tiletable #diyhome #diyhomedecor #danishpastel #aesthetic #viral #fyp #pourtoi

♬ Funny Thing – Thundercat

You will either love or hate this trend — there’s no in-between. Someone on TikTok had a lightbulb moment and decided to line their tables with the same mosaic tiles you normally see on the walls of a kitchen or bathroom. We’re not sure how we feel about this piece of furniture, but it definitely makes for a good DIY project during the lockdown.

2. Painted arches


Oh no, another painted arch ☀️ #homedecor #homerenovation #paintedarch #golden #interiordesigner #beforeandafter #homeowner #homepainting #diy

♬ Dissolve – Absofacto

Always wanted to jazz up your walls but don’t want to commit to repainting the entire house? Try painted arches. This interior design trend brought back to life by TikTok also showcases a nifty trick to really nail the perfection of the painted arch.

First, draw the arch using the ‘pencil and string’ method. To do that, you’ll need to find the centre point of your arch. Secure a string in the middle with a nail or any adhesive of your choice. Tie the other end of the string with a pencil and draw a circle — the top hemisphere will be your arch.

The painted arch is also a great way to have a statement wall in your home, and can be used to highlight any feature you’d like, whether it’s a dresser, your doorway, or a cabinet of collectables.

3. Rattan furniture


Turned this rattan tv console into a plant stand! #rattan #thrifted #foryou #plantlover #propogation #voiceover #bohodecor #boho #asthetic #plantmom

♬ Sunset Lover – Piano Version – Kim Bo

This is an interior design trend from TikTok that we’re thankful for: rattan furniture. We previously mentioned that natural and organic elements for the home decor will be a big interior design trend this year, and rattan is part of it.

Part of the rattan revival is also thanks to the whole vintage and retro movement we’re seeing that’s making a comeback in interior design styles. The nostalgia stems from a bohemian aesthetic popular in the 70s, and we’re pretty sure your grandparents’ homes have these vintage rattan furniture too. If you can’t upcycle those, here are some local rattan furniture shops you can visit to purchase your own.

4. Furniture with curvy silhouettes

Forget sharp-edged geometric shapes — TikTok is bringing curvy, more fluid silhouettes into furniture design trends, like the painted arch. You’re probably also seeing an influx of puffy, curvy sofas on social media, and it’s all thanks to TikTok. These designs were popular in the 50s and 70s, and evoke a sense of relaxation. Don’t worry about getting rid of all your hard-lined, modular furniture and decor pieces though, because curved lines will still match those.

5. Sunset lamps


go get yourself a sunset lamp #fyp #trend #sunsetlamp

♬ Drive Forever – Remix – Sergio Valentino

Exposed neon strip lights may have been all the rage in 2020 thanks to TikTok, but we’re happy to see a more elegant evolution of it: sunset lamps. These colourful projector lamps mimic the sunset lighting and can be positioned in various ways to create a nice ambience at home. However, most sunset lamps don’t come with a dimmer, which means that they could be too bright to provide relaxation before sleep. It’s purely aesthetic, so don’t swap out your existing ambient lamps for these.

6. Green kitchen cabinets


Little green kitchen before and after ✨ #beforeandafter #cottagecorehome #kitchenreno #greenkitchen #rustickitchen #foryoupage


Say goodbye to stark, clinical-looking all-white kitchens, because colour is making a comeback, particularly of the green variant. Green kitchen cabinets are a trending kitchen design, spurred even more by the denizens of TikTok. One very prominent green kitchen that’s been making its rounds on the internet belongs to actress Dakota Johnson, and everyone is loving it. The colour is fresh and organic, bringing a bit of nature’s hues into the home.

7. Twisty candles


#twistedcandles #candles #diycandles #scandinavianinterior #gustafwestman

♬ Sunday Kind of Love – Etta James

Remember how we mentioned that fluid, curvy silhouettes make a big part of interior design trends emerging from TikTok? Here, we have a home decor item with that trend: twisty candles. Make this easy DIY project your next one, because all you’ll need are simple long candlesticks (which can be purchased on IKEA) and some hot water. The method is as easy as submerging the candles in hot water to soften the wax, and then you can proceed to bend them into any twisty shape you’d like. They make for great decorative pieces on your shelves or centrepieces for your dinner table.

What do you think of these interior design trends that emerged from TikTok in the past year? With so many to try, it’s always best to pick out the ones that suit not just your home decor, but also your lifestyle. If you’re renting a home, be sure to check with your tenant what you can and cannot do to the house — but don’t worry, because there will always be workarounds, like our tips on how to superficially reinvent your rental home.

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