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Terrifying things that have happened to people who were home alone


You’d think that the occasional spooky encounter is terrifying, but we soon find out firsthand from these people that there are things far scarier than ghosts.

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Spooky encounters of the paranormal kind can be terrifying when you’re home alone. The realisation that it’s just you and no one else responsible for that sound happening in your house is enough to make you wet your pants.

While ghosts make up the thing we’d fear most while home alone, the reality is that some of us may have encountered far more terrifying things than just ghosts — humans and wild animals. These are very real things capable of causing us physical harm, and that itself is terrifying enough to think of.

We spoke to several Malaysians to find out the most terrifying things that have happened to them while they were home alone — humans and ghosts alike.

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The paranormal

1. “I saw something peeping into my room, but there was no face or anything. Just parts of the hair. Aside from that, my sister has also heard knocking on her bedroom window too. This happened at around 2 a.m. and we lived on the 19th floor.” — Amalina

 2. “Once, my brother and father went back into their rooms and closed the door behind them as they went to bed. I was also going back into my room seconds after them to retreat for the night. The lights in the hallway and the entire house apart from our rooms were switched off. As I pulled the doorknob and my door was just about to close, I heard and felt two hard knocks. I quickly pushed open the door to check who it was, only to find the entire hallway pitch black and find no one there. My brother and father were still in their rooms right across from mine. That freaked me out. This accident happened weeks after the passing of my grandmother. Thought she might have wanted to come into my room.” — Brian

3. “When I was eight years old, I woke up in the morning to find a pale, long-haired girl standing in front of my bed. I screamed until I fell asleep.” — Andrew

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4. “During my university semester break, I decided to return to the dorms earlier. The entire housing neighbourhood was quiet as expected, and no one was in our accommodation or our neighbour’s. It was all fun until night fell. For several nights, I’d hear the sound of moving furniture every now and then. I thought it was piping issues and temperature changes, as it sounded like what I would have heard in my old home.

“The sound of moving furniture got so annoying that one time, I decided to do something about it. I walked to the staircase, turned on the lights, and yelled, ‘Shut up! If you want something from me just show yourself.’

“After that, the sounds stopped. However, within the same week, I experienced sleep paralysis. This time, I could hear the sound of a chain moving. It sounded like it was being dragged and was coming closer to me. I freaked out, remember closing my eyes but I could see a woman with long hair wearing white dress with chains.

“As she walked, she was mourning. She stopped by my side and I just kept closing my eyes praying. I got the feeling she wanted me to see how much pain she was in. Then, she screamed. The scream was sharp and painful. After she stopped, the chains moved away slowly. I could wake up after that. I can never forget that experience, this probably happened about 10 years ago.” — Jeremy

The abnormal

5. “Once, a five-foot monitor lizard ran into my house and towards me. I was so afraid, I thought I accidentally killed its partner!” — Lawrence

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6. “A sudden electricity trip while I was showering.” — Wendy

7. “I was alone at home eating lunch. Then, I choked on a fish bone. I panicked and had flashbacks of my life while I tried to get the fishbone out. After eating two huge lumps of rice, I finally got half of it down (the other half was still stuck). Parents finally came home, saw me crying, and sent me to the clinic, where the GP took it out. I had a literal sore throat for one week but I am alive. Hence, I am very careful with my bones now.” — WQ

8. “My neighbour got creepy. He rang my doorbell and asked me how to log in to Facebook, and even asked if he could come in so I could help him. I was so freaked out that night I couldn’t sleep.” — CG

9. “Lost my vision while showering. I had to try my best to not faint in the toilet, as I didn’t want to be found naked.” — MJ

10. “I realised the front door was unlocked and slightly opened after waking up.” — Ibnu

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11. “I’m a single woman living alone in a small studio apartment. I once had a stranger follow me back from the coffee shop downstairs where I had gone to have dinner. He managed to get past the main gate (past the guards) by slipping behind me after I tapped the security tags, slip past the blocked door by holding the door open after I had tapped myself in (that’s TWO security doors that required tapping in) and followed me into the lift (that’s when I got suspicious because he didn’t press on any floors). I then pressed on a few different floors and got off on the first one. He followed me out and tapped me on my shoulders. I freaked out and turned around to face him squarely. I think he noticed my aggressive stance and he started apologising. He assured me to not be scared and that he just wanted to ‘get to know me’ because ‘he saw me at the coffee shop’. I said loudly, ‘leave me alone’, and the closest neighbour must’ve heard me so someone opened the door. That’s when he fled.” — KM

12. “The first time I was renting, I moved in before my housemates. The first night I was alone in this strange place, it rained and stormed and then someone started pounding on the door. It went on for about 30 mins. I was so sure I was going to die by serial killer. Anyway, much much later I found out the university students living around there used to get drunk and start fights so I assume it was one of them. Probably.” — Sam

13. “Stalker found out where I stayed and stood outside my house the whole night. Two years later, surprise surprise, found out he was in a mental hospital.” — Tiffany

Sometimes, not all danger is related to the supernatural kind. Whether you’re living alone or with family, it helps to have a reliable security system in place that goes beyond just having an alarm. Find out what are the essential security features every modern home needs to have in this article here. Finally, follow these eight simple tips to ensure that you’ll outsmart burglars.

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