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Mita’s House in Osaka is a minimalist haven


This quaint abode, located in a peaceful Japanese town, is centred around a symmetrical courtyard and embraces form and function in equal measure.

Mita’s House by Horibe Associates can be found in the city of Kishiwada, south of Osaka in Japan.

Kishiwada’s population is over 197,000, but the site of the home embraces a more remote lifestyle as it sits on the town border overlooking green grass fields and a large wooded area.

Picture: Yohei Sasakura

While the woodlands close by make for a stunning backdrop to the simplistic aesthetic of the home, they also work to provide a sense of privacy and block out noise from the towns nearby.

The abode itself is painted with a calming, pale blue colour and utilises a u-shaped design that faces the woodlands and makes the most out of the seasons.

“In spring, the reflections of many kinds of trees appear in the water-filled rice fields. In summer, the cool breeze that blows over the green rice plants will flow into the living areas,” says lead designer Naoko Horibe.

Picture: Yohei Sasakura

As the home sits adjacent to rice fields, the architects had to work out a method of ensuring the occupants’ privacy from the workers outside.

Each room is raised 45cm from the ground, so that from the fields workers can’t see clearly into the living, dining or kitchen spaces.

Picture: Yohei Sasakura

Bedrooms have also been cleverly arranged around a courtyard, which not only makes for a lovely view, but is conducive to communication among family members.

The steel-clad home embraces natural timber and polished concrete throughout. A sewing room and home office were also placed either side of the u-shaped layout to appease the occupants, a young family.

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