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Kitchen trends for 2021: Modern kitchen design that you'll love


After a tempestuous year, it’s time to start the new year with a clean slate and our first order of business is to give our tiresome kitchen a makeover! From incorporating bold hues to kitchen cabinets to finding the best material for your kitchen island, let’s take a look at some of the modern kitchen designs that you’ll be seeing in 2021.

If there’s anything 2020 has taught us, it’s that the kitchen is really the heart and soul of the house. It’s no longer just a place for us to cook. In fact, it has transformed into a romantic restaurant where you have candlelight dinners with your loved one, a cafe where you catch up with old friends (virtually) and the neighbourhood restaurant where you go to as a family.

No matter what the occasion, our kitchens always have our back, which is why this year we’re focusing on giving back to our kitchen… with a makeover. Every year, interior designers and industry experts come up with a list of kitchen designs that will be trending for the year. So what about 2021, what can we expect to see? Warm and neutral tones will take precedence while storage remains a top priority. Now, let’s take a look at the most popular kitchen trends in 2021.  

1. Go bold with kitchen cabinets

kitchen trends 2021
© sonjachnyj | 123rf

The bold colour trend is nothing new. A-list celebrities have been injecting this strong hue in their home for the past couple of years, but the trend didn’t take off in the kitchen area until recently. Opting for a bold kitchen cabinet is an easy way to add character and colour to your space (especially if you have an all-white kitchen). You don’t even need to buy a new cabinet set! Just get a paint brush and voila, your kitchen will now look like a page out of an IKEA catalogue. 

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2. Be playful with kitchen tiles

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The subway tiles trend is officially over. If you’re looking to dress up your kitchen without spending too much money on it, replace the tiles with something captivating. Think marble painted glass or even copper! For those who aren’t open to experimenting, you can start small by changing the way you lay your tiles. So instead of the boring old staggered brick bond, try the step ladder or the chevron pattern to spice up the design. 


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3. Maximise kitchen storage space

© Miroslav Pesek | 123rf

How many of you took up baking as a hobby or side hustle last year? With all the brand new baking appliances and ingredients, it’s only a matter of time before every single drawer in your pantry or kitchen cabinet is filled up. Storage space in the kitchen has always been scarce, but if we are to stay home for another year, then it’s time to look into expanding space in your kitchen. From decluttering your kitchen space to buying a divider for your drawer, we have all the tips on how to increase storage in the kitchen.

4. Go back to nature with wood elements

© Katarzyna Białasiewicz | 123rf

The wood trend has been away for a while, but this year, it looks like it’s making a comeback. Lately, the Scandinavian trend is making a splash among Malaysians and we’re seeing more and more people adopting the Nordic style in their home, especially the kitchen. Mixing an all-white kitchen with a wooden element can make the area feel more grounded and welcoming, whether you’re looking to install wooden flooring or cabinets. Add a couple of indoor plants and the entire space will feel transformed. 

5. Exude luxury with statement finishes

Another easy way to up your kitchen design? Get creative with the different finishes, especially for your kitchen sink and kitchen cabinet. Often overlooked, the taps, handles, knobs and hinges can make or break a design. And besides, stainless steel is looking very 2019, it’s time to change up the look. Brass elements work well with different kinds of surfaces, from matte to marble and quartz, while adding a layer of sophistication.  And besides, it won’t cost you a fortune to make these little tweaks if you’re tight on budget. If you’re looking for something simpler, try replacing your kitchen utensils instead. 

6. Hang pendant lights over kitchen island

© breadmaker | 123rf

Pendant lights will probably not go out of style as it compliments the kitchen and the dining room perfectly. Aside from being practical, it’s also a great decorative feature for your kitchen island or dining table. You can even hang multiple pendant lights to dramatise the space. No expensive kitchen renovation needed! 

7. Go for calming paint colours

While dark and bold colours reign over kitchen cabinets, soft, serene paint choices rule the rest of the kitchen. Refresh your all-white kitchen with gentle colours like soft tan, light grey and cream to reinvigorate the space. Add in a pop of colour like bright yellow or cobalt blue in your furniture or decor to create visual interest. 

8. Bring the natural lights in

© Katarzyna Białasiewicz | 123rf

All those hours of baking and cooking are going to use up a lot of electricity at home. One way to reduce energy consumption, lower our carbon footprint and make our home more eco-friendly is to install large windows to allow an abundance of natural light into the space. Those big, wide windows can replace your ceiling lights during the day and provide you with an amazing view while you prep your food. 


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