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9 kitchen storage hacks and solutions for your home


Is your kitchen on the small side? Do you look at your kitchen and think that you need more space? Your problems are over! Here’s how to organise your kitchen storage space to become more functional and  get a slicker look.

kitchen storage
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Not everyone can afford to have a huge kitchen like Jamie Oliver. For most of us, we have to make do with the limited square feet that’s been allocated for our kitchen space. To help you get your kitchen organised, we’ve come up with some tips to solve your kitchen storage woes. 

1. Get some wire racks

Small kitchen hacks tip #1: Get some wire racks
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Short on storage? Multiply your vertical shelf with a wire rack to give you more room to store your kitchenware. Remember to place heavier and fragile items like your plates and glasses at the bottom and the lighter stuff on the rack to prevent things from falling and breaking. 

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2. Add a magnetic strip

Small kitchen hacks tip #2: Get a magnetic strip
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Don’t let the space on your kitchen wall or the inside of your cabinet doors go to waste. Make use of it. Just add a magnetic strip on the wall and now you have a place to store your kitchen knives without taking any space on your countertop. Or you can add a strip on your cabinet door to maximise storage. 

3. Divide your drawer space

Small kitchen hacks tip #3: Divide your drawer space
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Organise your drawer with a divider and categorise each of your cutleries in its designated section. Trust us, it’s going to save you tons of space. 

4. Label your items

Small kitchen hacks tip #4: Label your items
© Ross Campbell

While this may sound like a tedious chore, but it’ll definitely benefit you in the long run. Labelling helps to keep things organised by grouping like items together. It also makes it easier for you and your family to look for what they want and return it to the right spot. An easy win to keep the kitchen tidy!

5. Hang your pots and pans

Small kitchen hacks tip #5: Hang your pots and pans
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Here’s something we can all agree on and that is pots and pans take up waaay too much space in the kitchen. Stacking and leaving them in the cabinet won’t do as well because it’ll end up becoming a jumbling mess. Here’s an idea: Install a hanging rod and hang them up with an S-hook. 

6. Store them in a container

Small kitchen hacks tip #6: Store your dried food in containers
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So it turns out that food containers are not just useful for keeping your food fresh. They can also be used to store kitchen items to maximise storage. Things like tea bags, spices, and dry foods can be stored here. No wonder our moms get pissed when we misplace the precious food containers that she gave us. We had no idea how useful it could be!

7. Consider a pull-out shelf

You can make the space between your refrigerator and kitchen cabinet work for you too! Just get a pull-out shelf to close the narrow gap. They are convenient for storing canned goods, spices and bottles near the cooking zone. 

8. Install a LeMans corner 

Small kitchen hacks tip #8: Install a LeMans corner
© Aliaksei Shaviakou | 123rf

Corner shelves are a tricky business. There is plenty of space for you to stow your kitchen items but at the same time, it’s just not practical. Nobody wants to crawl into the depths of the cupboard every time you need your measuring cup. This is where the LeMans corner comes in. It helps to extend the trays all the way out of the cabinet to give you easy access to the contents. 

9. Hang your jars

If you have a floating shelf in your kitchen, don’t just use the top surface, utilise the bottom part as well. How? Easy, you can either use a hot glue gun to stick the mason jar lid to the bottom of the shelf or screw it, if you want a more secure option.

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