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How to pick the best kitchen for your lifestyle


Are you the designated cook at home or an aspiring MasterChef? Here are some kitchen ideas that will work best for your lifestyle.

how to pick the right kitchen for your lifestyle
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Your kitchen is more than just a space to cook — it should be a reflection of your lifestyle with its interior design optimised to how you want to utilise it. Whether you enjoy whipping up scrumptious meals for your family or hosting dinner parties for your friends, here are some kitchen decor and ideas that might suit your lifestyle needs.

The Aspiring MasterChef

Modern design kitchen interior
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To be the next Gordon Ramsey or Nigella Lawson, you’ll need a well-equipped kitchen with all the bells and whistles. A top-of-the-line stove and oven come to mind alongside the best kitchen gadgets money can buy. Next, you’ll want a durable countertop – here are some of our recommended ones – that can take a battering plus a double sink equipped with a hose tap for easy washing up after your cookout. Choose stainless steel appliances and fittings as they are easy to maintain and can handle heavy-duty cooking.

Fitting your kitchen with detachable power outlet systems might cost a pretty penny, but it’s clean, safe and you can move the power adapters wherever you need them around the kitchen.

Most importantly, your kitchen layout should have the prep area, stove, oven, and sink arranged in a way that makes it easy to move about. Don’t forget to incorporate plenty of natural light and task light like pendant lights or other light fixtures to illuminate your workstation.

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The Family Cook

Daughter and parent preparing food
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When you love cooking for your loved ones, transforming the kitchen into a family-friendly space will make it a central area to congregate at home. The centrepiece of your family kitchen should be the kitchen island or breakfast bar, complete with ample bench space so the kids can do their homework, or you can get some work done while waiting for the stew to simmer. Durability and how easy it is to clean should your top priorities when selecting an appropriate material for your kitchen island. Having step stools also makes it easier for the kids to get to the kitchen island and worktops, allowing them to chip in during meal prep or cleaning up — a great idea when you want to start them young.

Adding a magnetic whiteboard in the kitchen is not only great for writing down reminders, but also jotting grocery lists or an inspirational quote to start the day. Encourage your toddlers to doodle on the whiteboard to keep them occupied and stimulate their minds at the same time.

The OCD Chef

organised kitchen drawer
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Need all your condiments, spices and everything in-between neatly organised in one place? Built-in cupboards to hide clutter and a pantry with massive shelf space will help manage your OCD tendencies. The use of drawer dividers to separate utensils by shape and size will also save you time from fishing through your drawers while whipping up a storm.

Other great ideas to add to your dream kitchen are discreet trash bins, revolving storage racks, clean lines and hidden shelves to create the tidiest and most functional kitchen in the world. You can also opt for a white kitchen if you have a small space. Elevate it with pops of colours if white is too plain to your liking.

Don’t forget to fill them up with labelled glass jars for all your key kitchen ingredients. For a minimalist touch, get invisible handles on kitchen cabinets – they only spring open when needed.

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The Dinner Party Host

nordic kitchen in an apartment. 3D rendering. thanksgiving concept.
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Love to invite friends over for a get-together? A stylish open-concept kitchen is a must-have, complete with ample dining space for everyone to share a meal with – or even better – a group cooking night. A contemporary kitchen design shows your friends that you have taste, while stain-resistant kitchen islands or benchtops are handy in case anyone spills anything.

As you’ll inevitably find yourself having to multi-task between entertaining your guests and keeping their tummies happy, consider investing in a few items that will enable your friends to help themselves out without you pottering around. For instance, having a multi-tiered beverage dispenser will keep your guests happy regardless of their drink of choice. If money is not an issue, a dishwasher will free up the time needed to wash dishes, so you can spend more time with your guests.

Ideally, the kitchen and dining space should be seamless so you can still entertain guests while prepping the next meal. Landed property owners with a backyard could also opt for a concertina window in the kitchen for barbecue nights, which helps to open up the space.

For kitchen design inspirations, check out these wet and dry kitchen ideas and these brand new kitchen trends to hop onto.

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