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How to create a minimalist home


It’s hard to ignore the simplistic beauty and tranquillity that minimalist interiors radiate.  No wonder more Malaysians have been adopting the minimalist style into their homes! 

Over the years, minimalist themed homes have become increasingly popular as a design aesthetic and way of life. However, when it comes to adopting a minimalist style in your home, there are ways to achieve it without digging deep into your wallet.

Minimalist designs often stems from these characteristics and concepts – refined lines, monochromatic colours, open light-filled spaces, simple detailing and uncomplicated cladding and wall finishes. In a nutshell, it boasts simplicity in form and function in coherence with the “less is more” mindset.

Here are some examples of Malaysian homes that have adopted the style.

Bathroom minimalist decor ideas

Bathroom minimalist decor idea
O2 Design Atelier
Project: A Home for 2

This bathroom is a classic example of a minimalist design. Using a monochromatic colour scheme, the interior decorator kept it simple with sleek frameless mirrors and a clean-cut sink and shower features.

Bathroom minimalist decor idea 2
Wolo Space Sdn Bhd
Project: Achromatic Home

This local interior designer, on the other hand, incorporated natural materials such as wood and marble into the design, elevating the space into a chic and stylish minimalist bathroom. Hidden storage units help reduce clutter and only the basic necessities are left out in the open.

Bedroom minimalist decor ideas

Bedroom minimalist decor idea
Pins Studio
Project: Hatsuhinode Condominium

Bedrooms are meant to be your sanctuary to rest and recharge after a long day and keeping it simple helps to foster peaceful and serene vibes. The interior designer for this home in Selangor used neutral tones for the walls, curtains, and bedding. There’s also minimal decor with heaps of natural light coming through alongside the addition of a slim pendulum light above the nightstand.

Bedroom minimalist decor idea 2
Pins Studio
Project: 526 sq ft Soho KL

This apartment in Kuala Lumpur embraced monochrome magic for their bedroom. Grey colour schemes are always a fitting match when it comes to minimalist bedrooms and the tonal palette in this room doesn’t make it boring or cold. Plus, the addition of throws and dim lighting keeps it snug and cosy.

Dining room minimalist decor ideas

Dining room minimalist decor idea
Pins Studio
Project: The Impact of White – Double Storey, Desa Park City

These local interior designers used modest furniture to style this dining room, giving it an elegant finesse. By incorporating natural materials such as wood, it also adds a Scandinavian aesthetic to it.

Dining room minimalist decor idea 2
Pins Studio
Project: Setia Eco Park -Semi D, Shah Alam

White marble and black finishes are a match made in heaven! It gives off such a sleek, stylish, and luxurious feel to a room. The interior designer also kept the table decor simple with a potted plant as the centrepiece.

Kitchen minimalist decor ideas

Kitchen minimalist decor idea
A Design Lab
Project: Condominium @ Southkey

Minimalism is especially handy when working with small spaces. If you’re not a fan of dark colours and the whole monochromatic vibe, then keep it simple by using just one colour and match it with different textures. A glossy tile splashback is a great way to do that plus, it doubles as a good light reflector.

Kitchen minimalist decor idea 2
Nu Infinity
Project: Dream Lab

Open layout storage is another common feature with minimalist interior design. It helps with reducing clutter and keeping only what’s necessary. This home maximised its space by creating an overhead storage unit above the kitchen island. Even the kitchen cabinets were done with a minimalist design, bearing no handles. With such a bold choice of colour for the cabinets and hanging shelf, the interior designer went with a neutral colour for the floor tiles.

Living room minimalist decor ideas

Living room minimalist decor idea
Pins Studio
Project: Hatsuhinode Condominium

Living rooms are a place where families gather and spend time together. So why not make it as cosy and comforting as possible?

Escape the clutter and keep your decor to a minimum just like how this home in Selangor has done. They added warm earthy tones, a plush throw and rustic wooden coffee tables for a laid back vibe.

Living room minimalist decor idea 2
Box Design Studio
Project: Setia Eco Park, Shah Alam

If your furniture is mostly solid neutral colours, you can inject more personality into the space by adding patterned pillows and rugs. A patterned rug could even become the feature piece of your living room. You can also add some greenery with the help of a few potted plants which also brings a little of the outdoors, indoors.

This article was originally published as How To Adopt a Minimalist Style In Your Home by written by Melanie Abraham.

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