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House Moving In Ceremony - What, How & Why


When shifting homes, it is not just important to clean every nook and cranny, a moving in ceremony should be held as well.


When shifting homes, it is not just important to clean every nook and cranny, a moving in ceremony should be held as well. This step is especially important as the rite ensures a peaceful life for your family and ushers in good luck for your new abode as well. Especially considering that this new place presents a brand new environment, the moving in ceremony serves as a fresh start or new beginning for the entire family.

Here’s what new homeowners should observe:

1. Choose an auspicious date and time from ‘’Tong Shu’’, the traditional Chinese almanac. Make sure the date and time do not clash with any Chinese zodiac of family members.

2. After renovations are completed, move in and place all furniture into the house before moving other items.

3. Hang a red cloth and radish with leaves above the main entrance. This is to represent ‘’bring in the good luck into the house.’’

4. Charcoal, rice, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar and tea are the basic elements of daily life. Therefore, they should be prepared beforehand.

5. Before moving in, sprinkle some tea leaves, rice and salt at every corner of the house to get rid of bad energy.

6. The eldest member of the family enters the house first with a lucky item such as pineapple, rice pail or money. Then he/she needs to switch on the light and put on music for the house to be energetic and lively. Never enter the house empty-handed – your pockets should be loaded!

7. Place the stove in front of the main door and each family member will need to cross over the stove in sequence and shout out auspicious words.

8. After this, cook glutinous rice balls in the kitchen and every family member have to eat them, representing family union and the growth of wealth.

9. Hold an open house or invite other people to your new home to energize and make the home livelier. All family members will need to stay overnight in the house on that day.

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