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Feng shui checklist when buying a house


While the old adage “Location, location, location” is still important when buying a new house, a property with good Feng Shui is just as valuable and hard to come by. Feng Shui makes the most of your living space by harnessing natural energy from the environment to stimulate healing, promote wealth, and generate success. Therefore, it is critical to pick a house with good Feng Shui to ensure good luck in major areas of your life.

This article was translated from 挑选房屋的风水4宜和4忌 by Daniel Woon. 

While choosing a property is mainly a matter of personal opinion, Feng Shui can help narrow down your choices. Identifying positive Feng Shui features in a potential future home allows you to select a house that offers the best benefits while avoiding those with negative Feng Shui features.

Here is a list of positive Feng Shui features that promote general wellbeing, plus the negative Feng Shui features to avoid. Think of it as a checklist for your next property hunt.

Four Positive Feng Shui Features

1. Sufficient Sunlight

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When possible, go for a site visit in broad daylight. In Feng Shui, sunlight is a form of Yang Qi, the flow of vitality. Having sufficient Yang Qi promises good luck in terms of your career, wealth, and health. Check the property’s car porch and balcony to ensure nothing is blocking the sunlight from reaching the living room.

2. Good Ventilation

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Feel the airflow in the living room area. In Feng Shui, the movement of air carries Qi—or energy into the property. The air should flow gently in the living room, not forcefully, as the latter will disrupt the flow of Qi. It is inauspicious to have a living room that feels stale, musty, or airless.

3. Wide Open Surroundings

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Check the external environment of the property. A flat, open terrain allows Qi to meander and flow freely into your property. Be aware of any slope or climb in the road. These features signify a loss of wealth luck. In serious cases, occupants may find it difficult to save up or accumulate wealth.

4. Square Shape

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Study the unit’s blueprint to determine the shape of the property. In Feng Shui, the best shape is square or rectangle as it represents stability. Do also take note of missing corners. Properties with irregular shapes or missing corners are inauspicious as they represent challenges and difficulties in life. Occupants might end up suffering from an emotional void.

Four Negative Feng Shui Features

A property’s Feng Shui affects its occupants’ luck. So, a negative feature may lead to depleting wealth, a stagnant career, or a challenging life. Spot these four negative features on your next site visit.

1. T-junction House

Check the road in front of the property. In Feng Shui, roads acts as a river that carries Qi. The slower and gentler the river, the better the Qi flow. At a T-junction, Qi rushes down from a road so quickly before slamming into a house, creating aggressive Qi flow, signifying calamity and misfortune.

2. Curved Road

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Ensure the property is not facing a road that has a curved point towards it. Likened to a merciless curved blade, this formation is regarded as highly inauspicious. Staying in such a property will result in hardship, misery, and suffering.

3. Shaded Entrance

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Make sure there is no structure or high-rise building blocking or dimming the property’s Ming Tang (Bright Hall). A Bright Hall is an open area inside or outside the home. If the Bright Hall is blocked or shaded, occupants may have trouble generating wealth or getting help at work. He or she may end up making more enemies than friends, while also feeling oppressed and bullied all the time.

4. Sunken Land

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The rear of the property represents support and the ability to obtain help from Noble people (an important person that is there to help you when you need it). Check the rear to confirm no negative formation is present there, such as craters, sunken land or depressed land below. If the land behind your prospective property sinks significantly below ground level, it could spell trouble for the occupants. They may have to fend for themselves without any help or support from Noble people.

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