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The best tips on designing a home with your partner, according to King Quah


King Quah, founder of SaltyCustoms shares some tips with his wife, Adeline Chin, on how to design a home together.

The old adage of “happy wife, happy life” may ring true, but you’ll want to take your own considerations into account too when designing a home with your partner. As a couple, it’s not easy to agree on the same thing all the time — just think of the last time you asked each other what to eat.

When it comes to designing a home together, we know it can be challenging. But it’s not impossible to have both parties coexist in design harmony, especially if you follow these tips from entrepreneur King Quah and his wife Adeline. If Quah’s name sounds familiar, it’s probably because he founded both SaltyCustoms and Yeefu. The former specialises in custom T-shirt printing and design services, while the latter is a platform that helps influencers and celebrities create and sell their own merchandise globally.

Quah and his wife got married just last year, which means that they have firsthand experience in designing a home together. Who better to give advice to future couples that hope to do so and come out of it unscathed? We spoke to Quah for some handy advice from him and the missus that we hope will apply to you too.

1. Be encouraging

King Quah and Adeline Chin
© King Quah

First of all, this isn’t a contest. Always support and encourage each other’s ideas on what they’d like to have in your home together. “It’s our home, and often times we’ll have our own ideas on how it should look and feel,” says Quah. He suggests that instead of having things done only one person’s way, encourage each other with the simple ‘Yes, and…’ method. What is this method exactly?

“When you hear your partner bring up an idea, try to add to it instead of completely shutting it down,” he says.

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2. Quick to listen, slow to speak

king quah and adeline chin
© King Quah

Being kind is an important trait in a lasting relationship, and patient towards each other is a sign of respect. “Sometimes, when you work together on a project, many things could go differently from the initial plan,” explains Quah. “Make it a point to listen to one another intently.”

This way, you won’t get caught up with your own ideas and disregard your partner’s opinions.

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3. Make it fun!

king quah and adeline chin
© King Quah

This is the age of social media, so make the whole process a fun one you can record on Instagram, YouTube, or even TikTok to laugh over years later. Quah suggests; “Make a video of the process, throw in some colours, get creative, listen to music, dance, whatever! Just have fun.”

4. Enjoy the process

You might not be professional interior designers, but it’s hard to escape a sense of perfectionism once you start designing your own home. Take a step back and really enjoy the

process. What you’re doing right now is something many could only dream of: to be married and have a home together. “Just remember that you’re not competing with each, but instead achieving something together,” advises Quah. “The fact that you got started in the first place is already a mission accomplished!”

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5. Always be loving

king quah and adeline chin
© King Quah

“You’re married for a reason,” says Quah. “Do everything in love and treat it like a couple’s activity. It’s not only fun but it also creates a memory that will last forever.”

After all, you’re going to live in this home together. Don’t you want to come back to a home that you designed together in love?

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