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Brilliant remodelling ideas for small Malaysian homes


Space-saving tricks by Malaysian interior designers you’ll be needing for your new home.

With new housing units generally sporting smaller floor plans, here are six remodelling ideas you should consider.

1. Create a “loft” for the kids

Pins Studio

This is a great space-saving trick for small bedrooms. Make use of all your vertical space to avoid clutter and a cramped room.

Bonus points: We love how the staircase doubles as toy storage!

2. Turn partitions into storage

M Innovative Builders

This home turned the partition wall between the breakfast bar and kitchen into storage units – a great way to make use of space.

3. Use vertical planters to hide grilles

Yong Studio

Avoid the unsightly views of security grilles by hiding them behind vertical planters – aesthetically pleasing and eco-friendly.

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4. Suspended storage units look great

Alpex Design Sdn Bhd

The suspended wine glass hanger helps solve storage problems while doubling as a chandelier-esque décor.

5. Beds with storage are perfect for small homes

Surface R

Bed frames that double as storage are great for studio units as they prevent clutter and save floor space.

6. Fold-out furniture

Millimetre Design Sdn Bhd
Millimetre Design Sdn Bhd

When there’s insufficient floor space, you have to make the best of what you have. This foldout table and bed fit perfectly in studio units, avoiding cluttered and cramped situations.

7. Extend spaces

Project: Berjaya Time Square Hotel, Serviced Apartment

This is a nifty way to incorporate a dining space into your home. The interior designers merely extended the living room wall to create a small dining table in the small home. Now, the table is not only for dining but it acs like a partition between the home entrance and the rest of the space.

8. Look down

Project: Home Studio

Owning a loft doesn’t necessarily mean you have more floor space. Take this home for example, the homeowners needed a work station so they looked to the space below their stairs to create a unique office nook.

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