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4 bedroom feng shui tips for a good night’s sleep


The bedroom is one of the most important areas to assess in the study of Feng Shui, and a good night’s sleep makes you feel like you can take on the world.

Bedroom with gray tufted headboard
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As we spend a third of our lives resting, it’s essential to ensure that the energies within the bedroom work in our favour. Here are four things you need when applying feng shui in the bedroom:

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1. Embracing the Earth element

The best bedroom shape is square or rectangular-shaped as it represents the Earth element. This element provides stability, perfect for a place of rest. Rooms that are in other shapes will have an imbalanced flow of Qi, disrupting your beauty sleep. To fix this, you can try and create “a room within a room”. If you’re sleeping in an L-shaped bedroom, you can use a partition to have two separate rooms, creating a square or rectangular shaped “room” for your bed to stabilise the Qi.

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2. Bed position vs favourable direction

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Everyone has a personal favourable direction based on their BaZi chart. Successfully tapping into this energy provides benefits such as better focus at work. However, this doesn’t outweigh the importance of where your bed is placed. Your bed should be positioned with its headboard against a Yin feature like a wall – especially because sleeping is also considered a Yin activity.

If being in your favourable direction forces you to place your bed at an angle towards a corner of the room, this exposes you to Sha Qi when you sleep. This does more harm to you than good. It’s best to think of tapping into your favourable direction as a bonus rather than something you must incorporate into all the Feng Shui applications in your home.

3. Avoid placing Yang items and keep your bedroom clutter-free

Bedroom with pallet bed and wooden crates
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Everything within your home has a polarity of either Yin or Yang. The activities we engage in are also related to this polarity. As a general rule, the polarity of a particular area in your house should match the polarity of the activities you do in that space. Your bedroom is a Yin area and a place of rest. As such, it should not have too many Yang items such as an aquarium even though an aquarium is an important item to have for Water activation.

The bedroom should also be free from clutter with good air circulation, so be sure to clean and organise your bedroom often. The space should ideally be kept clear and clean to ensure you get a constant flow of positive Qi.

4. Using the Peach Blossom Star

The Peach Blossom Star is most commonly associated with likeability and your relationships with others. It’s an important Star to activate or use to maintain or improve your relationship with your family. To activate this Star, identify this area within the bedroom and ensure that you use this spot regularly. This essentially makes you more likable and attractive, ensuring a constant harmonious relationship with your family. Learn more about the Peach Blossom Star here.

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