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7 unexpected colour schemes that look great together


Many shades have traditionally been considered enemies on the colour wheel.

Here, we look at a few dazzling – and sometimes unexpected – modern colour schemes that might just change the way you put together your next palette.

1. Tangerine and aquamarine

Bursting with bohemian summer vibes, this colour combination is an absolute power couple. It works well with both indoor and outdoor spaces and ensures there’s never a dull moment in your home.

Tangerine plus aquamarine equals summer fun, says Kerena Berry from Designbx. Picture: Koskela

2. Highly saturated colours

Go crazy and embrace your colourful side with intense, highly saturated colours. When playing with this colour scheme it’s about ‘the more the merrier’, so don’t hold back, i.e., go ahead and add that hot new fuchsia cushion to your cobalt blue lounge. In saying this, make sure you embrace dark shadows or white negative space to tie your colour palette together.

Go crazy and embrace your colourful side. Picture: Lisa Cohen/Dulux

3. Blue and green

Variations of blue and green colour combinations can work surprisingly well together if chosen carefully. For example, cerulean blue works brilliantly with accents of apple green, and when worked into white living spaces using accessories and homewares, these tones really liven up the space. You can achieve this look using lush green foliage paired with blue decor, such as bright cobalt blue pottery from your nearest nursery or antique store.

Blue and green can work beautifully together. Picture: Lisa Cohen/Dulux

4. Mixed metallics

Often one metallic hue is left on its own against dark hues. Try mixing them together to create the ultimate luxe look. Gold with copper works particularly well.

Mixed metals such as gold and copper work well in creating a seamless and modern colour scheme. Picture: Amelia Stanwix/Dulux

5. Forest green and black

Add a contemporary, mature and unique look to your home using this moody colour combination. Black and deep green is a timeless colour scheme that adds flair to an otherwise monochromatic look, while retaining a dark, lively tone.

Forest green and black are a striking combo. Picture: Pablo Veiga/Project 82

6. Yellow ochre and blush pink

Traditionally quite a natural and dull colour, when yellow ochre is added to blush pink it livens up a room, becoming an enviable addition to an interior colour palette. If you’re looking for the best space to try this combination, a nursery or girl’s bedroom is ideal.

Adding ochre to blush pink really lifts a space. Picture: Amelia Stanwix/Dulux

7. Sage green and crimson red

Red and green are traditionally assigned to the festive season, but if you’re brave you can embrace them all year round. Crimson combined with sage green will add a beautiful feminine, regal touch to your home or bedroom. Not convinced enough to try it with paint? You can achieve a similar, less permanent effect with floral displays.

Be brave and embrace sage green and red all year round. Picture: Lisa Cohen/Dulux

So next time you’re planning to shake up the look of your home, walk the road less travelled and try some of these striking and surprising colour combinations.

This article was originally published as 7 unexpected colour schemes that look great together by and is written by Kerena Berry


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