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5 reasons why Sunway Iskandar is going to be the next big thing


If for some reason, you have not heard enough of this amazing 1,800-acre township in Medini, Johor, it is time to see for yourself why Sunway Iskandar is a great place to call home.

Yin and Yang – you must have used this ancient Taoist theory at least once in your lifetime. Yinyang, which means ‘dark-bright’ or ‘negative-positive’ in Chinese, postulates how 2 seemingly opposite or contrary forces, may actually be complementary, interconnected, and interdependent. Together, they create a complete whole. In fact, Traditional Chinese Medicine applies the yinyang philosophy to treat diseases; when the body is in a balance between Yin and Yang energies, health is predominant.

Similarly, Sunway Group believes that life is about balance. When conceptualising Sunway Iskandar, its latest township in the southern region, the developer brought together two of the most important elements for a balanced life – nature and city. Oftentimes, middle-income homebuyers have to decide between convenience and livability – Should you live in the city with all its trappings and modern conveniences or do you settle for a far-flung suburb where it is cheaper, greener and more conducive for your family?

What if Sunway Group tells you that you can have your cake and eat it too? Dubbed Nature’s Capital City, Sunway Iskandar is a RM30 billion GDV integrated township, which seamlessly amalgamates all the qualities of a home – attractively-priced homes complemented by fabulous amenities, ample greenery, great connectivity and quality education. With a medical centre and universities in the township’s pipeline, the developer is anticipating a population of 40,000 for Sunway Iskandar. 

Sunway Iskandar’s layout mimics the Nile River in Southeastern Africa, which is regarded as the longest river in the world. The majestic 7-km Pendas River bisects through the township, complementing its 6 precincts, each with its own unique characteristic and functions. These zones are aptly named The Lakeview, The Marketplace, The Parkview, The Riverside, The Seafront and The Capital. 

With 40% of the city dedicated to greenery, no matter where you are in Sunway Iskandar, you will always be connected to Mother nature via water bodies, eco-parks and green corridors. Its location is strategic to boot – Medini has the distinct advantage of being the CBD of Iskandar Malaysia, the nation’s first special economic zone.

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why Malaysians (and Singaporeans!) are opting to purchase a home here:

#1 Connectivity: The Malaysian-Singapore Second Link is less than 10 minutes away

The Coastal Highway Southern Link is a game changer for Sunway Iskandar – this interchange, which was built by the developer in 2017, drastically cuts down travel time to the Malaysian-Singapore Second Link. Johoreans who work in Singapore might just move to Sunway Iskandar for this one reason. A stress-free and breezy daily commute? Sign me up!

Sunway Iskandar will be the first township for those who enter Malaysia through the CHSL – Just imagine it will take you roughly 5 minutes to reach Singapore!

It doesn’t stop there – the developer has partnered with Causeway Link to provide shuttle services to residents and visitors travelling between Sunway Iskandar and Singapore. The bus stop, which is located right in front of Citrine Hub, provides 12 bus trips daily and will get you to the Jurong East Interchange and even to Johor Bahru’s main bus terminal, the Larkin Bus Station in next to no time.

citrine hub bus routes

#2 Education: Its international school is the first in the southern region to offer the exclusive Canadian-IBDP

The developer stands by the principle that education is the most important tool in building a township, hence why Sunway Iskandar International School (SIS) was the first development to be brought into and completed within the integrated township.


Located right next to Citrine hub, SIS which opened its doors in January 2017 has the privilege to be the first international school in the southern region to offer the internationally acclaimed Canadian (Ontario) School Curriculum to kindergarteners and all the way to Grade 10 as well as the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) for students in grade 11 and 12. The latter is a 2-year, pre-university programme which is the equivalent to A-Levels. 

In addition, over the next two years, SIS will be implementing the International Baccalaureate Middle Year Programme (IBMYP) to students in grades 7 to 10. Facilities in the state-of-the-art campus include a library, interactive science libraries, an art room, swimming pool, and football field, among others. In just over a year, the school has registered over 400 students, with more expected to come on board soon.

SIS is a day school with boarding facilities, with the SIS House located in Citrine Residences. It is made available to both international and local students studying in middle and high school levels. Boarders are well-taken care off by a committed, full-time residence team led by the House Master.

bandar sunway

#3 Safety: The township keeps its community and security game strong

Did you know Sunway Iskandar has its own security force? The developer will be adding 200 auxiliary police by 2020, trained by PDRM to safeguard the community. This team strictly follows the standard operating procedures by PDRM and will patrol the township 24/7. Moreover, Sunway Iskandar will also feature the first infirmary in the region, slated to be ready sometime this year – this is a 24-hour operated centre that will house a registered nurse.


What takes the cake, however, is Sunway Iskandar’s efforts in establishing a sense of community, which serves as a catalyst to build a holistic township.  Over the past few years, the developer has consistently organised various community-centric activities, all designed to bolster a sense of belonging and camaraderie amongst the township’s residents. Some of the large-scale events, also indirectly help drive the prosperity and branding of Iskandar Malaysia as ASEAN’s most exciting economic growth corridor.

(Clockwise from top left) Strider Cup Challenge held in conjunction with the soft launch of Citrine Hub; Citrine hub plays hosts to regular recreational classes such as Zumba; The annual Johor Offroad charity challenge brings together the local 4-wheel drive community to compete and raise funds for local charities and the popular Viper Challenge event draws thousands of participants each year.

Thus, with all these livability pull factors in place, it is not surprising to note that Sunway Iskandar’s first few residential projects within The Lakeside have received an overwhelming response. The Citrine landed Lakehomes, launched in 2017, were sold out in under 2 weeks whereas the more recent Sunway Grid, which boasts homes that could be customised by the buyers has seen 180 of its 200 loft units taken up as well.

Take a glimpse at the Citrine Homes as well as what Sunway Iskandar looks like for yourself here:

#4 Business Opportunities: Sunway Iskandar is home to future businesses

The 1,800-acre development also offers various business opportunities, be it commercial or offices. For instance, Sunway Citrine Hub which fronts the scenic Emerald lake in The Lakeview precinct features a 70,000 sq ft commercial mall; 168 designer offices, all of which have been sold; as well as 328 units of exclusive residences, where the keys have been handed over to residents late last year.


Currently, the designer offices are being occupied by a broad range of businesses including interior design companies, consultancy agencies, education providers as well as recruitment and real estate agencies, with more set to come on board.

Sunway Iskandar has also recently signed an MOU with the leading information and communication technology provider, NEC Asia Pacific Pte Ltd (NEC) to explore a collaboration which aims to augment Sunway Iskandar’s security and to collectively develop smart city solutions within an Innovation Centre of Excellence (CoE).

NEC plans to invest an estimated RM100 million into the township of Sunway Iskandar, which will create skilled tech jobs and develop local “technopreneurs” and tech-savvy talents within the economic growth corridor of Iskandar Malaysia.

Sunway GRID, a dynamic 5.2 acre, integrated development in The Marketplace district offers 501 apartments units and a commercial podium featuring 74 flexi suites and 41 shops. These suites and shops are uniquely- designed and attractively-priced for entrepreneurs and startups, who would prefer a medium-sized operation space. 

    In addition, Johor’s biggest SME Community Builder, BIG WHEEL has officially opened its flagship two-acre BIG WHEEL SEEDBANK, an entrepreneur hub in the Green Building Index-certified Sunway Southern Management office. The new location will be a stepping stone for Big Wheel to expand into the ASEAN market. BIG WHEEL intends to welcome 400 clients into their new space which might potentially create jobs for 1,000 high-skilled workers in Sunway Iskandar.

    #5 Entertainment & Amenities: You will never be bored at Sunway Iskandar

    If you’re moving away from the entertainment and lifestyle hub that is Kuala Lumpur, you won’t have to worry about being bored because there will be a gamut of activities and experiences to enjoy in and around Sunway Iskandar.

    The developer is introducing three tourism elements within The Marketplace. There is the 32-acre XPark, the first adventure-based extreme park of its kind in Johor and Singapore. Its attractions include a host of indoor and outdoor activities including ATV, driving range, badminton, go-karting, glamping spots, archery, and a kids’ pump track.

    Next up is Sunway Big Box Village, a sprawling retail and commercial development of 500,000 sq.ft, consisting of large warehouse-like structures. Reminiscent of the immersive shopping experience found in the United States, this ‘big box format’ not only serves as a platform for large corporations to create more business opportunities but also helps retailers boost their brand image.  

    (L-R) Artist’s impression of Sunway Big Box and the accompanying hotel, respectively.

    A hotel is also in the works, where it will be linked to Sunway Big Box Village, making the township a top destination for fast-paced businesses and commercial retailers.

    Should you wish for more, there are various lifestyle developments just a stone’s throw away from Sunway Iskandar, including Pinewood Iskandar Malaysia Studios (3km), with over 100,000 sq ft of film stages; Legoland Theme Park and Sanrio Hello Kitty Town (6km) and Puteri Harbour (6km), a premium waterfront development across the straits from Singapore. EduCity, an international best-in-class education hub is a mere 8km away as well.


    The newly-opened Jaya Grocer within Citrine Hub further complements the township’s amenities offering. A premium Malaysian supermarket which is popular with both expats and locals in the Klang Valley, Jaya Grocer will cater to the resident’s needs for premium food items and produce.


    Are you interested to be a part of Sunway Iskandar?  Whether you’re looking for residential or commercial spaces, Sunway is ready to assist. Register your interest here today!

    Disclaimer: The information is provided for general information only. Malaysia Sdn Bhd makes no representations or warranties in relation to the information, including but not limited to any representation or warranty as to the fitness for any particular purpose of the information to the fullest extent permitted by law. While every effort has been made to ensure that the information provided in this article is accurate, reliable, and complete as of the time of writing, the information provided in this article should not be relied upon to make any financial, investment, real estate or legal decisions. Additionally, the information should not substitute advice from a trained professional who can take into account your personal facts and circumstances, and we accept no liability if you use the information to form decisions.

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