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5 perks of living in the City of Elmina


Yes, this stunning and totally Instagrammable township in Shah Alam is more than meets the eye.

City of Elmina Sunset
Sunset at Elmina Community Park | ©Chong Keng Loy

Of late, many of us do not have the chance to travel as freely as we used to, leaving us longing for the times when we used to check out Instagram-worthy cafes or visit beautiful destinations. If only the neighbourhood we live in has pretty landscapes and cool spaces that we can ‘Gram’ about and can safely explore during these unprecedented times…

Look no further, because The City of Elmina by Sime Darby Property is a township that is not only worthy of your Instagram feed, but also a lush living space that comes with all the community amenities and facilities that makes it the envy of other neighbourhoods. Why? Let us show you.

1. Its parks galore over there

©Sime Darby Property | Disclaimer: The above diagram shows the proposed components of the 300-acre Central Park when completed. Only the Community Park has been completed to-date.

The crown jewel of the City of Elmina is an enormous 300-acre Central Park. Like literally. That’s the size of 227 football fields!

The huge park, when completed, will be divided into five sub-themed parks that comprise the Community Park, Urban Park, Cultural Park, Forest Park and Sports Park. Each comes with its own unique design and facilities ranging from boulevards, picnic areas, community halls, sports fields and even a velodrome.

The Elmina Community Park is a popular recreational spot for residents and the surrounding population | ©Leong Chee Wai
Picturesque sunrise at Elmina Twin Lakes Park in Elmina East | ©Chai Hui Ying
Homes fronting the green Community Park | ©Chong Keng Loy

Besides the Central Park, the City of Elmina’s master plan includes a total of 480 acres of pocket parks all around its grounds, with each residential section adorned with a generous amount of green space.

The 8-acre Infinity Lake Park next to Elmina Green Three linked homes | ©Sime Darby Property

2. It’s a totally Instagrammable neighbourhood

The Rainbow Bridge at City of Elmina | ©Sook Fun Ho / EyeEm | GettyImages

No doubt the millennials are going to love it here. The city boasts plenty of Instagram-worthy spots, especially the Rainbow Bridge and the Iconic Bridge that are both quite a sight. The bridge’s looping structure resembles a life-size slinky and looks gorgeous in photos.

Aside from the bridges, the scenic recreational parks are known for their appeal to photography enthusiasts, especially those looking to snap a shot of the setting sun against the lake.

Just look at these amazing photos which are the perfect backdrop for #OOTDs and dare we say – pre-weddings too?

The Iconic Bridge at City of Elmina | ©Heartpatrick |
The bright orange lookout point at Elmina Community Park | ©Heartpatrick | 

Mesmerising, isn’t it? You can check out more stunning images of the City of Elmina here.

3. Fitness comes first with its 90km worth of cycling and jogging tracks

Aerial view of the 36-acre Elmina Community Park | ©Sime Darby Property

A major setback for running and cycling enthusiasts in this country is that most areas in the city and some older townships are not designed with the right infrastructures to encourage these activities.

That is not a problem in the City of Elmina as it boasts an impressive 90km of cycling and jogging tracks – that’s like cycling from KL city centre all the way to Port Dickson. While that may not seem like much for long-distance cycling enthusiasts, don’t forget that this is just within your neighbourhood. In that context, it is mighty impressive.

The city currently already hosts an annual Mountain Bike (MTB) Jamboree that brings mountain biking enthusiasts from around the country to the city for a great biking time. Who knows what could be next – a marathon perhaps? With a fitness-focused township, you can always expect a host of health promoting programs to be made available for your family’s participation.

4. Get close to nature at the Elmina Rainforest Knowledge Centre

The pilot community garden in the City of Elmina also known as Elmina Valley Farm | ©Sime Darby Property

Concerned that your kids may be spending too much time indoors and in front of the screen? The Elmina Rainforest Knowledge Centre (ERKC) and Living Collection Nursery is a research and conservatory centre for endangered, rare and threatened (ERT) tree species managed by the Tropical Rainforest Conservation and Research Centre (TRCRC) and it is also the perfect learning outdoor activity for families on weekends.

There are also pockets of community gardens that have been designed to educate residents on the benefits of urban farming, composting and growing their organic produce. With the current situation, it is more crucial than ever for the new generation to learn about growing their own food.

The ERKC is slated to be opened to the public by the end of 2020, and residents of the City of Elmina will have easy access to it. It’s a great opportunity to inculcate the joys of having a green thumb while being close to nature.

Interesting fact: The City of Elmina aims to plant 210,000 trees throughout the township, many of which will be ERT species!

5. Save energy, save cost, save the environment

Artist’s impression of Ilham Residence at City of Elmina | ©Sime Darby Property

Aside from its verdant lands, the City of Elmina recently introduced smart, green homes in their first phase of gated and guarded residential – Ilham Residences. As far as green features go, solar panels may be expensive to set up, but in the long run, residents can gain a lot of benefits from it. 

Thankfully, the homes in Ilham Residences come with in-built solar panels, home energy management systems and smart green meters that not only create an environmentally conscious home for residents but will also help them save on electricity costs while saving the environment

These green features can help owners to better manage their energy consumption and will allow them the option of selling their excess energy back to Tenaga Nasional Bhd (TNB) under its Net Energy Metering (NEM) scheme. Solar panels may not be a trend in most Malaysian homes yet, but early adopters in homes such as these, may very well set a great path of example for the rest of the country to follow.

Artist’s impression of Ilham Residence at City of Elmina | ©Sime Darby Property

Other than that, homes in the City of Elmina also incorporate stone wool insulation in the roofing, which helps to better regulate indoor temperatures for greater thermal comfort and offers better fire prevention. Stone wool roof insulation is more commonly used in western homes, it is rarely used in most Malaysian homes which makes this a small but thoughtful feature of the City of Elmina’s homes.

With the new normal, we are spending more time in our homes than ever and re-thinking family activities which allows for physical distancing, and does not put any family members in potential harm’s way. On this front, the City of Elmina does sound like an appealing township to explore for a new home!

If what we’ve described about the City of Elmina and the lifestyle options it has to offer fits the requirements you have for your forever home, then check out what this township has to offer and register your interest here.

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