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5 eco-friendly home decor ideas that will make you want to go green


New ways of living an eco-friendly lifestyle continue to emerge, and now you can get creative at home too.

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The whole idea behind using anything that’s eco-friendly is to help promote green living. And trust us, once you start, you’ll get hooked! There’s no turning back with all the amazing benefits you’ll reap: it’s cost-effective, beautiful to look at, helps save the environment and also helps teach everyone — both young and old — the importance of being more environmentally conscious. As they say, good habits begin at home, and using eco-friendly decor is a great one to cultivate.

Don’t just toss, upcycle 

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Ever wondered what to do with old lightbulbs? Instead of throwing them away, turn them into mini vases instead! Just remove the burnt-out filaments and hang or place them on a dented surface so it doesn’t tip over. It’s a great way to recycle and can be reused for different occasions and themes. 

Grow your own herbs in jars

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Having plants at home is the easiest way to add eco-friendly home decor. How about taking it up a notch and planting your own little herb garden in recycled jars? It makes a great addition to any kitchen, especially for anyone who loves fresh herbs! Use multi-coloured jars or spray paint custom styles onto some plain ones. Pick something that will go with the rest of your home. 

Bottoms up,  and save the cork

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Bring on the wine!  Collect the bottles and corks, then upcycle them into eco-friendly art! Wine bottles can take on a whole new life when properly and tastefully spray painted. Use them as candle holders, flower vases and table centrepieces.  With some creativity, corks can be repurposed into innovative art pieces that have house guests exclaiming in admiration. Frame and display your best work in a living room or study room wall. 

Get creative with wood

Wooden hanging decorations are so easy to make and needs little investment, except for some paint and maybe twine. Create your own decor piece with the wood that you find during a hike in the jungle or even when you go for a walk in the neighbourhood park. Then use your imagination and get those creative juices going!

Burn bright, but also burn right

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The warm glow of a candle can be very welcoming, even more so if the candle fills your space with fragrant and, relaxing scents. But did you know that not all candles are earth-friendly? A lot of cheap candles contain harmful and volatile organic chemicals (VOCs), and they might also contain metal in the wick to keep it upright as it burns. Choose candles made from natural materials like soy or beeswax and scented with pure essential oils, or get experimental and try making your own at a candle-making workshop. This way, you get to customise your scent too!

Written by Steph Nambiar

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