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61 Family Homes Near LRT Stations For Less Than RM500,000


Living in a family home near an LRT station offers several advantages, providing families with easy access to transportation, amenities, and educational institutions. When searching for a family home, consider the proximity to LRT stations, safety and security measures, nearby educational institutions, available amenities, and a family-oriented neighbourhood.

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Undoubtedly, the Light Rail Transit (LRT) brings convenience to urban living. As part of the extensive rail network that connects Kuala Lumpur to its surrounding suburbs and cities, the LRT has become a game-changer for property seekers.

Apart from being a mode of transportation, it also boosts the capital growth and rental yield of properties within walking distance of its stations, thanks to the demand from both buyers and renters.

So, what are the main criteria for a family home?

A family home serves as a haven where you and your loved ones can build lasting memories. It is a space that caters to the unique needs and dynamics of a family unit, striking a good balance between functionality, comfort, and convenience.

When it comes to choosing a family home near an LRT station, there are six important factors come into play to ensure a harmonious living experience.

a. Proximity to LRT stations

Opting for a family residence within close proximity to an LRT station provides families with convenience, reducing travel time, and eliminating the hassles of navigating congested roads. This advantage enhances daily commuting while fostering a more sustainable lifestyle by minimising the reliance on vehicles.

b. Safety and security

Safety is paramount when it comes to selecting a family home. Look for properties located in well-established neighbourhoods, with a low crime rate and secure surroundings. Gated and guarded communities or condominiums equipped with 24/7 security systems provide an added layer of protection for families.

c. Educational institutions

Access to quality education is a crucial aspect for families. Consider family homes that are situated near schools or educational institutions, ensuring that your children have easy access to education without compromising on travel time.

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d. Amenities and facilities

Look for properties that offer a range of amenities and facilities suitable for family living. Nearby parks, playgrounds, recreational areas, shopping centres, and healthcare facilities can enhance the overall quality of life for your family.

e. Layout and design

The family home should also have ample space to accommodate the needs of all family members. Consider properties with multiple bedrooms, sufficient living areas, and practical layouts that allow for flexibility and privacy.

According to an association in the industry, affordable housing should be conducive for family living, and have a minimum size of 800 sq ft (excluding balcony) with at least 2 bedrooms.

f. Family-friendly neighbourhoods

Opt for neighbourhoods that promote a family-friendly environment, with a sense of community, social activities, and space for children to play and interact with their peers. This contributes to a nurturing environment that enables families to build connections and create lasting bonds.

An ideal family home should comfortably accommodate at least three people, and provide a good living environment for the next five to seven years, allowing room for your family to grow.

To simplify your search, we’ve curated a list of high-rise properties in the Klang Valley that are located approximately 3km from LRT lines.

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LRT Kelana Jaya Line

The LRT Kelana Jaya Line runs from Putra Heights LRT Station through Kelana Jaya LRT Station to Gombak LRT Station, serving the Subang Jaya and Petaling Jaya regions to the south, southwest and central Kuala Lumpur, and Kuala Lumpur city centre to residential areas further north in Batu Caves and Gombak. Main interchanges are at KL Sentral, Pasar Seni and Masjid Jamek.

StationPropertyDistance to station, by car / on foot (according to Google Maps)Built-upSale range (listings on iProperty)  Median transacted price Capital growthRent range (listings on iProperty)
Gombak StationPutra Villa Condominium, Setapak1.1km / 350m1,066 sq ft – 3,322 sq ftRM448,500 –  RM550,000RM413 per sq ft+ 3.53%RM1,450  – RM1,950  
 Platinum Hill PV5, Setapak1.6km1,272 sq ft – 2,662 sq ftRM380,000 – RM465,000 RM322– 6.93%RM1,410 – RM1,780
 Saville @ Melawati, Taman Melawati3.2km / 3km901 sq ft – 2,447 sq ftRM420,000 – RM582,500  RM475+  2.25%RM1,553 – RM1,800
Taman Melati StationM3 Residency, Setapak1km / 600m806 sq ft – 1,092 sq ftRM325,500 – RM470,000RM411– 2.48%RM1,400 – RM1,900
 Kenari Apartment, Setapak950m849 sq ftRM307,200 – RM470,000RM391+ 10.17%RM1,500
 The Loft @ Zetapark, Setapak1.9km689 sq ft – 1,410 sq ftRM300,000 – RM580,000RM518– 4.69%RM1,299 – RM2,500
Wangsa Maju LRT StationTar Villa Apartment, Wangsa Maju650m / 500m1,000 sq ftRM429,999  – RM454,000RM356– 5.26%N/A
 Wangsa Metroview, Wangsa Maju550m / 500m1,150 sq ftRM400,000 – RM450,000RM337– 7.62%RM1,300 – RM1,645
 Residensi Rampai (The Parc Tower), Setapak2.2km / 1.3km850 sq ft – 1,100 sq ftRM440,000  – RM537,600N/AN/ARM1,430  – RM2,000
Jelatek LRT StationSuria Jelatek, Ampang Hilir1.5km / 550m858 sq ft – 1,420 sq ftRM446,600 – RM599,400RM432+ 4.44%RM1,800 – RM2,550    
 Gurney Heights Condo, Keramat1.6km / 1.5km807 sq ft – 1,408 sq ftRM346,400 –  RM565,000RM410+ 1.43%N/A
 Seri Maya Condominium, Ulu Klang2km / 1km1,147 sq ft –  3,500 sq ftRM472,500 – RM998,550    RM416– 1.07%RM2,100 – RM3,200    
Bangsar LRT StationMenara Pelangi, Brickfields800m / 550m861 sq ft – 1,184 sq ftRM403,400 – RM518,500RM448+ 8.11%RM1,860 – RM2,500  
 Menara Puteri, Brickfields1.2km / 300m936 sq ft – 1,173 sq ftRM355,300 – RM377,800RM371+ 4.39%N/A
 Palm Court Condominium, Brickfields1.8km / 1.5km950 sq ft – 1,050 sq ftRM374,000 – RM550,000RM388– 2%RM 2,200    
Lembah Subang LRT StationD’ Aman Crimson Condominium, Ara Damansara2.3km / 450m850 sq ft – 2,239 sq ftRM340,000 – RM478,000RM416+ 1.01%RM1,200– RM1,800    
 Suria Damansara Apartment, Ara Damansara3km / 1.2km1,098 sq ft – 1,832 sq ftRM320,000 – RM488,000    RM390-13.54%RM1,500 – RM1,919  
 Puncak Nusa Kelana, Ara Damansara2.7km / 1.7km1,235 sq ft –  1,327 sq ftRM 450,000 – RM 582,250  RM392+ 0.01%RM 1,700 – RM 2,200  
USJ21 LRT StationRhythm Avenue, Subang Jaya1.4km / 850m558 sq ft – 1,308 sq ftRM228,900 – RM400,000  RM329– 23.39%RM1,000 – RM2,000
 Starville Apartment, Subang Jaya1.6km / 1.1km860 sq ftRM 327,750 – RM 397,250  RM403+ 9.09%RM 2,000    
 Subang Perdana Goodyear Court 7, Subang Jaya2.3km / 2km764 sq ft – 1,292 sq ftRM210,500 –  RM480,300  RM383– 0.75%RM1,170 – RM1,380    
As of July 2023

LRT Ampang Line

The Ampang and Sri Petaling Lines run on a common route between Sentul Timur Station and Chan Sow Lin Station, serving central Kuala Lumpur and the city centre. The stations have a dedicated platform for trains travelling north to Sentul Timur, and one for trains travelling to Chan Sow Lin.

From the Chan Sow Lin Station, the lines diverge and run separately. The Ampang Line travels to Ampang Station, serving the Cheras and Ampang Jaya regions. The Sri Petaling Line runs to Putra Heights LRT station, where it meets the Kelana Jaya LRT line.

For the LRT Ampang Line, the main interchanges are at Maluri, Chan Sow Lin, Hang Tuah and Masjid Jamek.

StationPropertyDistance to station, by car / on foot (according to Google Maps)Built-upSale range (listings on iProperty)  Median transacted price Capital growthRent range (listings on iProperty)
Ampang LRT StationAmpang Prima, Bandar Baru Ampang1.7km / 1.2km900 sq ft – 3,044 sq ftRM360,000– RM650,000  RM361– 0.33%RM1,300 – RM1,500  
 Ampang Damai Condominium, Ampang2.1km / 1.7km1,025 sq ft – 1,118 sq ftRM 288,000 – RM 377,200RM279– 14.26%RM1,300    
 South View @ One Ampang Avenue, Ampang3.5km / 1.7km950 sq ft – 1,400 sq ftRM345,000 – RM580,556  RM336– 1.38%RM1,600 – RM2,479    
Cahaya LRT StationRose Vista Condominium, Taman Cahaya Indah650m / 500m997 sq ft – 1,200 sq ftRM360,000 –  RM378,000    RM307– 15.58%RM360,000 – RM378,000  
 Bella Vista, Ampang700m936 sq ft – 1,023 sq ftRM259,080 – RM342,000RM329– 2.76%RM1,200  
 Sri Ampang Condo, Ampang1.4km / 1.2kmFrom 1,053 sq ftRM 261,120 – RM 475,600RM344+ 4.98%RM 1,358 – RM 1,493
Cempaka LRT StationLe Jardin Condominium, Pandan Indah2km / 1.3km962 sq ft – 1,020 sq ftRM167,000 – RM420,000    RM344+ 4.28%RM1,310 – RM1,490    
 Axis Residence @ Axis Pandan, Ampang1.6km / 1.5km739 sq ft  – 1,023 sq ftRM256,000  –  RM407,600    RM380+ 0.87%RM1,382  –  RM1,703    
 Pandan Puteri Condo, Ampang  2.1km / 1.1km1,010 sq ftRM408,500 – RM450,000    RM455+ 8.92%RM1,509 – RM1,645    
Pandan Indah LRT StationPandan Ville Condominium, Ampang650m1,280 sq ft – 1,614 sq ftRM320,304 – RM496,600  RM285– 2.78%RM1,308 – RM1,493  
 Grandeur Tower, Ampang1km960 sq ftRM300,000 – RM367,000RM325– 5.36%RM1,135 – RM1,565  
 Pandan Terrace Apartment, Cheras2.8km / 2.7km876 sq ftRM235,150 – RM329,500  RM286– 14.3%RM1,044 – RM1,300  
Pandan Jaya LRT StationBayu @ Pandan Jaya, Cheras250m1,050 sq ftRM429,100 – RM500,000  RM443+ 1.12%RM1,550 – RM2,300
 Residensi Pandanmas 2, Cheras2.2km / 2km900 sq ftRM300,000 – RM369,500  RM53N/ARM1,263 – RM2,100  
 H7 Apartment, Ampang1.2km / 1.1km870 sq ftRM238,000 – RM320,000RM239– 31.48%N/A
Maluri LRT StationD’Alamanda, Cheras900m / 750m695 sq ft – 1,483 sq ftRM370,150 – RM669,900RM369– 16.55%RM1,215 – RM2,285
 M Vertica, Cheras750m850 sq ft – 1,000 sq ftRM368,800 – RM703,200  N/AN/ARM775 – RM3,344  
 Warisan City View Condo, Cheras2km / 1.2km910 sq ft – 1,051 sq ftRM379,550 – RM452,250  RM495+ 9.89%RM1,600 – RM1,935  
Miharja LRT StationMiharja Condominium, Cheras900m890 sq ft –  1,000 sq ftRM295,000 -–  RM381,000RM332+ 2.59%RM1,500 -–  RM1,770  
 Seri Mas Condominium, Cheras2.9km / 2km 812 sq ft – 1,400 sq ftRM260,000 – RM468,000RM290– 5.73%RM1,200 – RM1,420
 J. Dupion Residence, Cheras2.1km / 1.9km800 sq ft – 2,249 sq ftRM490,000 – RM 1.22mN/AN/ARM1,020 – RM3,000
As of July 2023

LRT Sri Petaling Line

This line runs from Putra Heights to Sentul Timur, with main interchanges at Chan Sow Lin, Hang Tuah, Plaza Rakyat and Masjid Jamek.

StationPropertyDistance to station, by car / on foot (according to Google Maps)Built-upSale range (listings on iProperty)  Median transacted price Capital growthRent range (listings on iProperty)
Cheras LRT StationBintang Mas Condo, Cheras500m / 400m962 sq ft  – 1,300 sq ftRM367,000 – RM456,500  RM292– 13.99%RM1,600  
 Lido Residency, Cheras2.2km962 sq ft – 1,636 sq ftRM480,000 – RM898,000  RM552+ 1.71%RM1,593 – RM2,600  
 Astana Lumayan, Cheras2.6km1,207 sq ftRM480,000 – RM560,000  RM414+ 7.31%RM1,500 – RM1,900  
Salak Selatan LRT Station  Vista Amani, Bandar Sri Permaisuri1.8km / 2.1km1,100 sq ft  – 2,050 sq ftRM397,749 – RM644,500    RM361N/ARM1,500 – RM1,590    
 Cengal Condominium, Cheras1.3km / 1.2km865 sq ft – 1,080 sq ftRM299,800 –  RM410,000    RM415– 3.91%RM1,340 – RM1,680    
 Bayu Tasik 2, Cheras1km / 1.3km930 sq ft – 1,024 sq ftRM338,000 – RM450,500RM395– 1.49%RM1,300 – RM1,800
Sri Petaling LRT Station  Vista Komanwel B, Bukit Jalil550m / 500m1,124 sq ft  – 1,525 sq ftRM449,300 – RM760,000    RM365– 2.35%RM650 – RM2,200    
 Endah Ria, Sri Petaling2.4km / 2.1km945 sq ft – 1,417 sq ftRM265,000 – RM488,000RM343+ 5.52%RM1,180 – RM2,600  
 Endah Villa, Sri Petaling2.4km / 1.8kmFrom 1,010 sq ftRM349,050 – RM430,000RM327– 12.14%RM1,345 – RM1,755
Awan Besar LRT Station  Bukit OUG, Old Klang Road1.2km / 350km775 sq ft  – 1,465 sq ftRM260,000 – RM468,000  RM286– 0.09%RM1,199 – RM1,700
 Fortuna Court, Old Klang Road1.2km1,008 sq ft – 1,020 sq ftRM340,000 – RM470,000    RM363– 5.9%RM1,205 – RM1,295    
 Union Heights, Old Klang Road2km1,000 sq ft – 1,340 sq ftRM419,999 – RM571,100    RM389+ 4.09%RM1,500 – RM1,955    
Muhibbah LRT StationCasa Green,  Bukit Jalil1km / 600m980 sq ft  – 1,003 sq ftRM470,000 –  RM598,999RM499– 0.2%RM1,350 –  RM2,499
 Platinum OUG Residence, Old Klang Road500m850 sq ft – 1,500 sq ftRM432,000 – RM620,000    N/AN/ARM700 – RM2,600    
 OUG Parklane, Old Klang Road850m950 sq ftRM333,500 – RM446,000  RM421– 1.96%RM1,100 – RM1,900
IOI Puchong Jaya LRT StationLa Vista Condominiums, Puchong1.4km / 1.5km1,340 sq ft – 2,090 sq fRM368,200 – RM564,000    RM355– 1.06%RM1,350 – RM1,730    
Puchong Prima LRT StationAurora Residence @ Lake Side City, Puchong1.6km / 850m1,141 sq ft  – 1,238 sq ftRM420,000  – RM570,000    RM436+ 2.45%RM1,375 – RM2,000    
 Desa Impiana, Puchong1.2km / 850m1,068 sq ft – 1,890 sq ftRM333,250 – RM650,000  RM350+ 7.35%RM1,090 – RM1,810
 Vista Millennium Condo, Puchong1.7km850 sq ft – 1,800 sq ftRM236,750 – RM322,250    RM310– 13.27%RM950 – RM1,310    
As of July 2023
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