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J Biotech Holdings’ to Open First Halal Lab in Johor Soon


J Biotech Holdings’ to Open First Halal Lab in Johor Soon

JOHOR, 27 February: The state will soon have a lab that can produce a sample analysis in a matter of 7 days and halal accreditation can be obtained as early as 30 days, compare to 2 years before this.

Makmal Johor Toyyiban (JT) which will be developed at a cost of RM20 million is expected to start operating by year end, offers expertise in Halal analysis and certification for local and international customers.

J Biotech Holdings’ CEO Asman Shah Abdul Rahman said, “The first of its kind lab in the state will be built in April at Johor Halal Park (JHP) Pasir Gudang and is expected to be fully completed in the next 7 months”

He added that the lab will be fully operational by year end for general analysis before getting the approval from Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia (JAKIM) to be a panel that will run analysis for ingredients that contain alcohol and pork for Halal accreditation.

He commented, ‘’The construction of this lab will cost RM5 million and Majlis Agama Islam Johor (MAINJ) will be contributing machine and equipment worth RM15 million. The development of the lab is part of the state government’ plan to elevate Johor Halalan Toyyiban Roadmap growth as a Halal hub.’’

‘’Once completed, the lab can run analysis up until 1000 product sample in a month due to the latest technology as well as having 15 staff.’’

He further added that the press conference after attending Johor Halal Park Chinese New Year Celebration recently. Also in attendance were UMLand J-Biotech Park Sdn Bhd (UJP) Mohd Noor Abd Salam and JHP Director Azhar Ali.

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