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DK-MY Properties cares for the community and nature’s wellbeing


Managing Director and Founder of DK Group, Mr Danny Koek Tiang Kung

9 December, KUALA LUMPUR – 2020 has been a challenging year for many, the new era of sporadic lockdowns and social distancing has brought about a greater appreciation of the outdoors. DK-MY Properties is committed in implementing green initiatives and integrating sustainable practices into their work. As a corporate responsible company, in a world bristling with worries related to environmental sustainability and climate change. DK-MY Properties has taken it upon themselves to restore and beautify the landscape at Cheras Hill.

The green efforts aren’t in place just for today, as sustainability exists to preserve the land for future generations. While many green initiatives in the market focus on post construction, DK-MY Properties goes a step further, taking biodiversity into their hands right from the start. DK-MY Properties upcoming project at Cheras Hill is the embodiment of sustainable living, working with relevant experts and authorities to carefully plan and design to complement the existing landscape without effecting the ecosystem surrounding it. DK-MY Properties strives to create a more captivating experience by building scenic look out points and refurbishing existing hiking trails for the community and nature lovers.

Managing Director and founder of DK Group, Danny Koek said, “We intent to provide value added recreational experience to the community that are living within the vicinity of Cheras Hill and to restore the beauty of mother-nature that has to offer. “As an independent and responsible developer, DK-MY Properties is planning to create iconic sculptures at the very top of the hill by studying the natural topography of the land, integrate the natural with the manmade, merging seamlessly with the landscape“, he added.

DK-MY Properties future plan is to have a development that is intricately designed with greenery, to be one with the natural context and Genius Loci of the place, offering plenty of natural lighting and views. The dedication to the greening of spaces which endorses a balanced lifestyle is also prevalent in common and shared spaces, which have been carefully curated to lure residents and visitors to engage with the outdoors.

Also in planning, a community space and a hill-course jogging track that connects the residences, outdoors throughout the whole development. Plantations and community gardening further encourage community lifestyle and oozes a more relaxing rural experience or urban escape. “DK-MY Properties strives to be a community centric developer that provides significant and memorable experience for nature lovers comprising of all ages, by utilizing and improving the natural and iconic jungle trails at Cheras Hill “ – Danny Koek added. Cheras Hill is set to more than a roof over your head, it is a place that seamlessly connects the environment and enriches life whilst providing a meaningful nature sanctuary living experience.

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