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Daikin launches new air conditioning cleaning service on the Go Daikin app


Starting from the center – from left to right : Lawrence Song Yew Beng, General Manager of Daikin Malaysia Sales & Service Sdn Bhd, Lee Wai Kok, Deputy General Manager of Daikin Malaysia Sales & Service Sdn Bhd, Teh Poh Heng, Head of Department, E-Commerce of Daikin Malaysia Sales & Service Sdn Bhd

30 APRIL, PETALING JAYA – Daikin Malaysia today has officially announced the launching of their latest air conditioning cleaning service feature, known as Go Clean on the Go Daikin mobile app. Launched back in July 2020, the Go Daikin app was developed for the purpose of integrating Daikin’s product and services into a single app in order to capitalize to the digitalization of the market.

“Daikin Malaysia has always been a company that prioritizes the needs of our customers, not only in terms of the product side of things but more importantly, after sales service. We understand the importance of ensuring our customer’s satisfaction even after selling the product, which is why we pride ourselves in being recognized as a one stop solution for all air conditioning needs in the market. Through continuous developments and improvements along with collaborations being made with reliable partners such as JTM and MDEC, we’re
proud to finally bring Go Clean to the market” said Mr Lawrence Song, General Manager of Daikin Malaysia Sales & Service.

“Our strategic partnership with Daikin Malaysia started back in August 2019 at two institutes namely ADTEC Shah Alam and ILP Kuala Lumpur, where courses for air conditioning installers were conducted. I believe that having a well-trained workforce in the air conditioning industry is important for the success of Daikin Malaysia’s initiative to digitally transform air conditioning services. We can expect more customers to use the service in the future, thus we need to prepare the workforce that is needed to deliver the services needed by the customers” said Ybrs. En. Shakib Bin Ahmad Shakir, Director General of Jabatan Tenaga Manusia.

By adopting a digital-first approach, Daikin will be able to have better data connectivity and collection to improve services and experience. As businesses harness on digital technologies to streamline operations and automate manual processes, the efficiency advantage will result in greater speed, less waste and more focus on revenue-generating activities. Current and future crop of technicians will gain the digital advantage and be empowered to move up the value chain and enjoy all the benefits that digitalisation brings.

“The pandemic has erased all lingering doubts about the necessity to adopt digital transformation. It has brought into sharp focus the acceleration of the paradigm shift of digitisation and servitisation of the economy. MDEC will continue to work with its partners as we strive to enable businesses to reach new markets, increase growth and develop the right talents and skills in our journey towards Malaysia 5.0 and realizing the goals as set forth in the Malaysia Digital Economy Blueprint (MyDIGITAL),” said Aiza Azreen Ahmad, Chief Digital Business Officer, MDEC.

Go Clean is the new cleaning service feature of the Go Daikin app which previously came with Wi-Fi features (Go Convenience, Go Save, Go Comfort, Go Share). Customers can easily use their Go Daikin app to order different AC cleaning service packages through Go Clean which is currently only available in the Klang Valley region. For more info, please visit the Daikin website of Facebook page.

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