These are the best indoor plants for your star sign


Always wanted a house plant but don’t know which to get? How about getting an indoor plant that best matches your star sign?

If you haven’t already gotten into the trend of getting indoor plants for your home, what are you waiting for? We’ve already shown you the best plants that won’t die easily on you, as well as how you can arrange them in your home for the best possible results. If you worry about certain plants possibly harming your pets, we’ve got that covered too.

But if you’re still having trouble deciding on the perfect house plant to match your home, what better way to pick a plant than one that complements your star sign?  Are you peace-loving like a Libra, bold like a Leo, or indecisive like a Gemini? Either way, this guide will have you covered – it’s time to make your home toxin-free this 2020.

Aquarius: Calathea Triostar

Stromanthe sanguinea Triostar

© Peter Etchells | 123rf

People under the Aquarius star sign love being unconventional, so getting an indoor plant that isn’t something you’d see in every other home is vital. A Rex Begonia or the Calathea Triostar plant will be the best option. The Rex Begonia has uniquely-shaped leaves and is colourful without being too attention-grabbing – perfect for the Aquarius person who likes being quirky but not too outstanding. As for the Calathea Triostar plant, Aquarians will love it thanks to its amazing variety of colours – pink, green, purple, and cream. No two plants will be alike, which suit Aquarians perfectly.

Pisces: Spider Plant


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Pisces is known to be one of the most laid-back star signs out there, which means that they might forget to water their house plants. Thankfully, there are hardy plants out there that don’t mind going without water for a while. Two of the perfect plants for those born under the Pisces star are the String of Pearls and the Spider Plant. Not only does the former need minimal care and can adapt to any type of light exposure, but the String of Pearls also sprout tiny white flowers that have a delightful smell. As for the Spider Plant, it’s an extremely low-maintenance indoor plant that will thrive even without sunlight.

Aries: Cactus


© Katarzyna Białasiewicz | 123rf

People under the Aries star sign are known to always speak their mind, are mostly impatient, and have a fiery personality. For that, the cactus would be the perfect indoor house plant for this star sign. Its prickly exterior matches the Aries personality, while its hardy and low maintenance nature suits the impatient Aries.

Taurus: Fiddle Leaf Fig

© cceliaphoto | 123rf

Dependable and devoted, people born under the Taurus sign are perhaps the best at caring and nurturing a house plant. Taureans will always put in extra effort to get what they want and enjoy the fruits of their labour. For that, the Fiddle Leaf Fig plant is a perfect match for this star sign. The hardworking Taurean will ensure that the Fiddle Leaf Fig will get all the care it deserves, and in turn, the plant will reward their efforts by producing lush foliage.

Gemini: Air Plants

Cozy dining room interior with hanging plants

© Katarzyna Białasiewicz | 123rf

With the Gemini being an air sign, it makes perfect sense to get an air plant for them. Geminians are free-spirited people who don’t like being tied down. Similarly, air plants do not have roots – a similar symbolism. You can easily place these air plants in any vessel around the house according to your mood, which matches the Gemini’s fickle nature.

Cancer: Pachira aquatica

a money tree plant, pachira aquatica, house plant getting light by the window

© Matthew Howard | 123rf

Sensitive in nature, compassionate, and always willing to go out of their way to care for others – that’s the Cancer star sign for you. In the same vein, getting a money tree will be great for people born under this star sign. Money trees are deep-rooted in nature and give off plenty of positive energy. Cancerians’ nurturing nature will allow this plant to flourish, bringing plenty of prosperity and positivity to the home.

Leo: Rex Begonia

Begonia leaves  rex-cultorum

© danielvfung | 123rf

Like the majestic lion, people under the Leo star sign have a bold personality and love flaunting it. The Rex Begonia plant will be a good plant to showcase this personality as it comes in a myriad of colours and has uniquely-shaped leaves. Its attention-grabbing shape will certainly be a conversational piece of any guest that visits. Also, this plant is pretty low-maintenance, which means Leo’s independent nature can leave it unattended for longer periods of time without worrying that it’ll die on them.

Virgo: Orchid

Orchid in pot in flower shop. Concept of flowers market

© Oleksii Hrecheniuk | 123rf

People under the Virgo star sign are mostly perfectionists and pay close attention to detail. This also means that they’re hard-working and meticulous, making a flowering plant such as an orchid the perfect house plant for Virgos. Orchids require plenty of attention and regular care to flourish, and Virgos will feel rewarded upon seeing how well the orchids blossom as it grows.

Libra: Peace Lily

Peace Lily - Spathiphyllum wallisii

© JO-YI CHANG | 123rf

Librans are peace-loving creatures, always avoiding conflict where necessary and needing balance in their lives. They also enjoy beautiful things, which makes the Peace Lily plant the perfect indoor addition to their homes. The Peace Lily is a white-flowered plant that brings instant sophistication to any home. The best part? They’re not a plant that constantly demands your attention to care for it.

Scorpio: Venus Flytrap

© 123rf

Scorpios are tough and intense characters – while they’re passionate and assertive, they also tend to have a slightly violent streak. A house plant that best channels those characters is the Venus flytrap. These plants are rarely ever thought of to be suitable house plants. However, they make a unique plant that mirrors the tough personality of a Scorpio. They also consume pesky insects in your home – what’s not to like?

Sagittarius: Lavender

beautiful garden Lavender flower arrangement

© Robert Przybysz | 123rf

The typical Sagittarian is slightly reckless but likes to make a statement and is extremely adaptable to their environment. To stabilise this, we recommend getting a lavender bush as a house plant. It’s widely known that lavender has a calming scent, which will greatly help ease a Sagittarius character.

Capricorn: Bonsai

White home office room interior, bloggers workplace

Clean and tidy workspace, white table top and office organizer with lights. White home office room interior, bloggers workplace. Poster mockup.

A Capricorn enjoys success, and they take many measured steps – including hard work and dedication – to ensure this. Having a bonsai tree at home will be perfect for a Capricorn as the tiny but beautiful tree requires meticulous cultivation and pruning. In fact, caring for a bonsai is also seen as an art form in itself, which the Capricorn will appreciate as they tend to focus on the aesthetic side of things.

Now that you have managed to pick out a plant for yourself, here’s how to ensure it won’t die on you while you’re on holiday.

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