The key to a minimalistic living room is simpler than you think

Take inspiration from these living room design ideas that will inspire you to become minimalistic.

Looking for an aesthetically clean and minimal design? Then you should consider adopting the minimalistic style as the theme of your home. And the easiest way to incorporate this style is to start with the living area. Here are eight minimalist living room ideas that embrace the minimalist living.

1. Use texture to add characters

Afraid that your living room will end up looking stark, cold and boring? We recommend using clean textures, simple light fixtures and muted colour palettes to add character to the space. What more, it’ll give the room a calming effect as well.

2. Have plenty of open spaces

When you have an open space at home, it’s indeed hard to refrain from over decorating. We are often tempted to use every nook and cranny of our home to the full potential. But minimalism is all about practising restraint and if you do, you’ll end up having a spacious and eye-catching space.

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3. Go dark or go home

You don’t always have to choose light colours. If white walls aren’t your cup of tea, go dark. But remember, if you’re painting your home or buying living room furniture pieces in a darker hue, opt for minimal decor. If that’s too much, consider painting a feature wall first before going all out. Or you can opt for the best of both worlds: black and white interior.

4. Set a focal point

When going for a minimalist interior, it’s essential to set a focal point for your room. In the example below, the living room designed to uses the TV wall as a focal point. Again, don’t overdo it. One focal point per room will suffice. As for the rest of the room, go for minimal furniture and decor to avoid crowding the space.

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5. Be smart about your room layout

If you’re living in a home with limited square inches, it’s best to make use of the space you have. The key is to fill your small living room with the essentials like a white sofa, a floor lamp, a side table and a marble coffee table. Don’t crowd small space with unnecessary stuff. Window treatment is important too. Opt for sheer or natural coloured curtains to make your living room look bigger.

6. Don’t be afraid to mix and match

Just because you’re opting for a minimalist design doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate other themes. A good match for a minimalist space is the Scandinavian style. The soft furnishing will help the space look less boring and more comfortable.

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7. Go for an accent wall

Another way to elevate a minimalist interior is to make use of your wall. The wall’s often overlooked when it comes to interior design. Paint a bold hue to make an accent wall. Alternatively, if budget allows, transform the wall into a bookshelf. Not only do you improve the design of your home, but you’ve also gained a storage space!

8. Practise restraint

Minimal living is not so much about how you style a room, but more about how you refrain from adding non-essential items. The living room in the example above perfectly encapsulates how a minimalist design scheme should look like. Clean lines, minimal tones and lots of natural light should be the way to go.

This article was originally published as The Key to a Minimalistic Living Room is Simpler Than You Think by written by Lydia Lohshini