8 hot kitchen cabinet design ideas to try

There’s no denying that the kitchen is the heart of many homes. So it makes sense, then, that kitchen cabinet design can make or break the space. Here are some of the most popular kitchen designs in Malaysia. 

Well-designed kitchen cabinets make for a good-looking and functional kitchen – that means efficient to cook in, and a welcoming place to gather and share delicious meals.

If you’re planning a renovation or looking for kitchen cabinet inspiration, you’re in luck. We chatted to the interior designers at Cobbitty Grove Kitchens and put together a list of eight stunning cabinetry ideas for your dream kitchen.

1. Black kitchen cabinets

Did you spot the TV screen in the mirrored splashback? Now that’s something you don’t find in flat-pack kitchen cabinets. © Cobbitty Grove Kitchens

This beautiful kitchen was completed as part of a renovation of an older home, so when it came to building the kitchen cabinets it was important to work with the space.

2. Oak kitchen cabinets

Kitchen cabinet refacing on the cards? Two-tone kitchen cabinets are becoming increasingly popular. Timber is a great choice for its earthy tonal qualities. © Cobbitty Grove Kitchens

Kitchen remodel can get expensive, but you don’t have to build your own kitchen cabinets or buy used kitchen cabinets to save a few bucks.

Custom kitchen cabinets using inexpensive materials – like melamine or stainless steel – can actually be more affordable than you think. And, if you go for the popular two-tone option, your budget-friendly kitchen will be right on-trend.

If you love oak or pine kitchen cabinets, timber-look or timber-veneer options won’t break the bank.

For smaller kitchen designs, install a spice rack or a hanging rack to store your appliances.

3. Timeless shaker kitchen cabinetry

Shaker kitchen cabinets will stand the test of time – so if you’re investing in your kitchen, ask your cabinet makers about this timeless style. © Cobbitty Grove Kitchens

The shaker kitchen profile is truly universal – suitable for both traditional and contemporary homes.

This one features black and white cabinetry with an eye-catching mantle over the stove and a marble countertop– for a subtle elegant touch.

4. Neutral, white kitchen cabinet doors

All-white shaker kitchen cabinets with brass handles add a feminine touch. © Cobbitty Grove Kitchens

This kitchen designed in the popular shaker style – with all-white cabinets featuring beautiful brass handles to add a feminine touch. Avoid adding too much cabinet accessories to the minimalistic space or it’ll lose its appeal.

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5. Country-style kitchen cabinets

Add cabinets with bi-folding doors to your corner cabinet section to keep essentials – like the kettle and toaster – hidden away but within easy reach. © Cobbitty Grove Kitchens

All-white kitchens are a popular choice, but there has to be something that adds character.

This one has a country vibe to it – with mesh-detailed bi-fold doors to hide away the kettle and toaster but still, offer easy access.

When cabinet makers install kitchen cabinets, they’ll be making sure everything is level and work perfectly together. © Cobbitty Grove Kitchens

6. Blue corner kitchen cabinets

Blue cabinetry with double doors that open onto a huge pantry? Yes, please. Thinking about repairing kitchen cabinets? All shades of blue are becoming popular. © Cobbitty Grove Kitchens

When it comes to kitchen design trends, all shades of blue are becoming popular. The kitchen design in this space features double doors that open to a huge pantry and laundry area.

For blind covers, install a lazy susan to optimise space and offer easy access to hard to reach areas.

7. White and grey combo

Thinking about kitchen cabinet refacing? For a contemporary look, why not go high-gloss and handle-free? © Cobbitty Grove Kitchens

Nothing says modern kitchen quite like the sleek lines of handle-less cabinetry. Add in high-gloss and it’s banging on-trend.

Plus, the over-sized island means more room for kitchen cabinet storage – including plenty of drawers, which are more popular than cupboards thanks to the easy access to contents.

If you lack natural light in your kitchen, don’t worry, the white and grey colour combination will make the space much brighter and airier. Place a pendant lights above the kitchen island and you’re good to go,

8. Custom kitchen cabinet doors

Simple changes like changing cabinetry materials make a big difference to the overall look of the kitchen. © Cobbitty Grove Kitchens

Sometimes, it truly is the little things that make all the difference. And this kitchen is no exception.

The addition of a V-groove board wrapping the outside corner of the U-shaped kitchen adds instant appeal. And you don’t have to worry about storage space either, the top and base cabinet offers lots of storage there.

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This article was originally published as 8 hot kitchen cabinet design ideas to try by realestate.com.au written by Erin Morris.