Beginner’s guide to improving your home’s feng shui


Improving your home’s Feng Shui helps to create more mindfulness and wellness in your family’s lives. However, with plenty of Feng Shui tips available everywhere, it can be a daunting task trying to figure out where to begin.

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Thankfully, it doesn’t need to be challenging. Start with these three most important house features, the main doorkitchen and bedroom. Take your first Feng Shui steps with these tips below to start cultivating an organised, happier and healthier home. You’ll be surprised to learn that Feng Shui is really based on common-sense principles!

Main door

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In the principles of Feng Shui, the main door is the first place to look at. It is essentially the Qi mouth of the property, the first point of entry into your home. Feng Shui for the main or front door includes not only the indoor space but the surrounding area outdoors, outside the main door.

Stand at your main door and look out from within the property. Take note of any “negative forms” that catches your eye. For example, if you see a tall structure like a lamp post within sight, then you have a possible case of Piercing Heart Sha. This can affect the health and career of the occupants in your house. It is also not recommended to have your main door overshadowed by thick foliage from trees, covering your home under a perpetual shadow. This creates Yin Sha that affects the mental health of everyone that lives under your roof.

Don’t forget to look at the inside of the living spaces from the main door. Make sure that the entry is brightly lit and the area clutter-free. The main door should not directly face another door as well.

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In the study of Feng Shui, the kitchen represents the life and health of everyone living in your home. The stove is practically the lifeblood of your kitchen, so it is imperative that we find a suitable spot to place it.

Ensure that your stove is not located in front of any door or doorway entering the Kitchen. This is similar to a mini T-junction, causing the Qi to rush through the door, hitting the stove and imbuing the cooked food with Sha Qi (negative energy or chi).

The kitchen island may be the centerpiece of your cooking space, but don’t install a stove on it. It is considered unfavourable in Feng Shui as it is exposed to Qi from every angle. This affects the food you cook there and could result in possible health issues for everyone in the house. If you want good Feng Shui and ensure good energy flowing into your home, place the stove against the wall. This represents stability. The same goes for the location of your kitchen – it should never be located in the centre of your home as it creates instability and may lead to long-term health problems.

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Between the three areas of your home, the bedroom is the most important space to positive energy. The bedroom is the most personal space in your entire home and the room you spend the most time in.

There should be no pillars in the bedroom, especially in the centre of the space. A pillar in the middle of the bedroom creates a “Pole in the Heart Formation”. This formation significantly affects Qi circulation in the bedroom. It’s not just pillars either – Bedrooms with ceiling beams stretching across the room is also a worrisome sign. In Feng Shui, these beams create suppressive Qi which forces the Qi downwards to the bed. This may lead to several health-related issues including sleep disruption that can negatively affect your daily energy levels.

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Don’t fret if you live in a home with challenging Feng Shui. Take your time to address these issues. You can also engage with a Feng Shui consultant to better improve the Feng Shui of your home.

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