Feng Shui tips for a strong front door

The front door of your home is key to good Feng Shui. Learn how to make your front door strong with these tips. 

front door of the house

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The Main Door is an important key feature, as it is essentially the Qi mouth of the property. When evaluating this feature, do not just look into the property, but also the external environment as well. 

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Looking out from the main door

Just stand at the Main Door and look outside. Using your imagination, draw out a pair of parallel lines from the two sides of the door. The area within is where you need to look out for negative or positive features. Positive or negative elements within 1km from the house do have a considerable effect on the house’s viability. 

What to look out for:

One of the important negative features to look out for would be tall narrow objects like lamp posts, pillars or trees. This is a possible case of Piercing Heart Sha and can affect the health and career of the occupants of the house.

What to avoid: 

It is also not recommended to have the Main Door overshadowed by thick foliage from trees, causing the property to be under a perpetual shadow. This creates Yin Sha, which could affect the mental health of the occupants.

Lastly, if there is a drain that runs parallel in front of your Main Door, this means that a negative feature is blocking the Qi from entering the house.

Avoid facing T-Junction or an alley

If the Main Door faces a T-Junction or an alley, this leads to negative Qi rushing into the house, instead of sentimental Qi. You would also not want your house door to face the sight of a narrow gap between two houses, which is usually the result of two houses built close together. This is a mini version of Tian Zhan Sha (Crack in the Sky Sha).

Looking In From The Main Door 

front door

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Never have your Main Door align with the kitchen door or back door. As having the two doors aligned means allowing the good energies to simply pass through. To avoid this, install a partition to “block” its path and allow it to circulate and disperse into the rest of your home. 

Keep it unobstructed

As we have mentioned, good Qi enters the home through your Main Door, so by keeping it free from obstructions both inside and outside, it will allow positive energies to flow smoothly into your space!

Keep it clutter-free

entrance interior

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Once the good Qi enters the house, it will circulate in the initial area first before flowing into the other rooms. Declutter the pathway from your Main Door and keep it brightly lit! This won’t just up your Feng Shui game, it’ll also help keep your home fresh and bright instead of dark and gloomy!

Water feature is a plus

However, if you have a front porch and the appropriate space, you can consider getting a gentle flowing water feature outside the Main Door. This is to facilitate the collection of Qi. However, we suggest consulting a Feng Shui Consultant before installing one because the placement, time and date of the installation depends on the occupants’ BaZi and could affect the collection Qi 

All in all, the Main Door is one of the most important features in a house. Do make sure that when you are house hunting, you take a good look at where the Main Door is facing! You don’t want any negative features either outside or inside the Main Door. These are highly undesirable and would definitely affect the overall Feng Shui of your home. 

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