7 Raya household items that wont cost you more than RM100


Is your home ready for your cousins, aunties, uncles, and then some? From serve ware to seating, we tell you what you need for Raya and where you can find them.

Hari raya Malaysia

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Hari Raya might be almost a month away, but that doesn’t mean you should postpone checking everything off your to-do list before the big day. Hosting friends and family can be overwhelming, so we’re helping you prepare with this list of home necessities that will ease the arrival of company.

Feasting Favours

Open houses are a great way to bring together those near and dear for the festive season. If you’re used to having TV dinners, then you may not have dining and serving supplies to feed the hungry horde.

1. Thirst Quenchers

The Malaysian weather is awfully unpredictable, but one thing we can be sure of is that guests will arrive thirsty. These chic drink dispensers will not only add to your home’s aesthetic, but they also mean that you don’t have to keep mixing drinks throughout the day.

Price: RM59.90 

2. Dish Out the Goods

These heat-resistant glass serving dishes can take your food from oven to table in an instant! The clear glass also makes it easy for guests to eye the right rendang before helping themselves to some.

Price:  RM25.90

3. Emergency Cart

This added storage is great during festive seasons for when you need extra space for your bowls of cooked food or if you need an extra tabletop for those Raya cookies.

Price: RM 99.00

4. Cookies on Display

Don’t let all those sleepless nights baking Raya cookies go to waste; put them all on display in these glass storage jars that will tempt any guest into munching away.

Price: RM 79.90

Please Be Seated

Most households aren’t always prepared for many guests, especially if this is your first Raya open house. These seating options will come in handy when your living room starts spilling out into other sections of your home.

5. Get Benched

We often find ourselves with more guests than seats. Most of us opt for those plastic stools but we suggest you invest in benches. Not only will they support more people, but you’ll also find them useful once the festive season is over. We love this bench from Ikea – it’s a bright and fun addition to your home that can also double as a table!

Price: RM100.00

#6 Magic(ally) comfy carpet

With limited indoor space, adding more chairs and stools can overcrowd the space and inhibit foot traffic. Here is where carpets and rugs come in handy – you don’t want your guests sitting on the bare floor, so make it comfier by adding this stylish and comfy carpets.

Price: RM99.00

#7 Surprise Sleepovers

We all know that festive season means hosting relatives or friends overnight. If you lack space but still want to be the host of year, then air beds are your most affordable and space-saving solution. This inflatable air mattress on Lazada costs under RM90!

Price: RM83.70

This article was originally published as Raya Hosting Necessities That Won’t Cost You More Than RM100 by atap.co and is written by Lydia Loshini.